Hillary Clinton Did WHAT! Bigger Problem Emerges For Trump

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Hillary Clinton FBI investigation news and trouble with her former campaign staffer. We also get into U.S President Donald Trump big problem that just emerged in Asia with China in the South Asain sea. Plus more news on Julian Assange, John Podesta, the justice department plus a lot more.

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  • fluffy bunny

    watched a video on china’s army. Their uniform and weapons are cheaply made and they spend a third of their time on parade marching. So I think they are relying quantity over quality.

  • Jerry Totten

    The Doomsday Clock is and always has been meaningless propaganda. That said, it’s more to do with the Democrats obsession with recreating the Cold War.

  • fluffy bunny

    With the Clintons involved I am surprised no one was killed.!!! I mean suicided with a gun shot to the back of the head from 5 feet away….

  • Elzbeth Dempseyjones

    China is being a problem to Australia.. There gold mines are watched by Aussie army.
    If USA wants to screw up China n stop the gold runs over the ocean the Queen of pirate’s of England has the power to revoke all Chinese leased lands…
    China obviously don’t get it.
    Hilary files in Pentagon database, Yahoo accounts are in there. Yahoo corporate name & all data is stored there.

  • GhostintheMachine

    Fuck China. Nuke them if they want to protect North Korea. Any nation that says, I’ll attack you if you invade North Korea is our enemy and should be destroyed. If you let them get away with this, more will follow. You USA cowards be sure and lick China’s ass nice and clean. God forbid that you might have to fight or die to defend your country.

  • Ineffable Earth

    Yeah Malice was talking to Owen Benjamin about North Korea and the Kim family has backed themselves into the same cage that they built for all their people. They limited their options because of this. China and Russia were caught violating UN sanctions against the DPRK and nothing was done…so the UN is pretty much all talk. Oh and Luke, the term you were looking for is ‘mutually assured destruction’.

  • Wael Ali

    here you have Aljins but it is opportunity to know a very important secret weakness about Aljins that they do not know the future

  • askarainbow

    I think that all this saber rattling between nations is a “staged show” , a “school play” as GW would say. I think it is all BS and each player knows his/her role in looking fearsome and making threats t o scare the millions of sheeple who say ” Oh, ,my Gawd ,we’re going to have a nuclear war” “Oh my Gawd, we’re on the verge of WW III !!!! Not to say that they wouldn’t annihilate whole populations is their game, but on the whole it is a scripted game for the braindead assholes on the planet!

  • Talus Tanat

    There is NO chance of “peace” between NK & Korea. NK will never change how their country is run. Don’t be naive.

    I do agree that China has been, is, and will be our actual biggest threat.

  • Алексей Котов

    i stopped believing in any wars but the war on peace and truth alkotov.com/all/drugs. Putin is Hitler x50: alkotov.com/all/nemcov

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