Manchester Bombing Suspect Salman Abedi – Jihadist Extremist Or Intelligence Patsy?

Salmon Abedi the suspected Manchester arena bomber was known to intelligence services long before the bombing took place so in this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth outlines the two possible scenarios we are now dealing with…either LIHOP or MIHOP! (Let It Happen On Purpose or Made It Happen On Purpose). Patreon ➜
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  • Rick Hawk Davison

    Did you know a drill on just this kind of event was held days prior? Same scenery. Adam Sandler song comes to mind”It was all bullshit”. Do they brake eggs to make their Omelettes? Yes, we are all fodder to them. I am sad we live in a world where we are divided by political half truths, agendas. We all have commonalities, Life, love and hope. Believe we can change the story, Love, talk to your neighbors, build bridges, not walls. Peace is possible.

  • OhCanadaWSOGFT

    I found it strange that the military was called in when they should be able to do it w/ just the Police. – *no military were called for Westminster*
    “Do it” means to actually go after the jihadist’s living among them. – *so far the military is guarding the streets only*

  • jack schitt

    CIA, NSA, M16 exist to collect intelligence so to create staged events for political agenda and psy ops

  • loteazy

    It is odd to me how every time there is a terror attack. They know immediately who did it snd everything about that person.

  • PJ Walker

    Same old shit. Totally orchestrated like 9/11 and the London 7/7. ISIS is the creation of the Mossad and CIA just like Al CIAda. Top officials admit these and allied governments fund, train, arm and support ISIS. Nothing new. Concepts like Blowback and LIHOP are for trolls and newbies to discuss.

  • piet bali

    its more and more clear that is was a false flag… or even a hoax.
    because the witnesses are a bit sketsy

  • TrancEndingMedia

    shiiiyyyt, i know for sure the romans didnt have it this good before their ‘collapse’ some 1900 years ago! shyyyyyyiiiit i bet the last time the show was this ‘entertaining’ was most likely pre deluge 10,000+ years ago!!!! lmfaaaooo

  • Mohd Jupri

    Oh yes. It’s false flag. Just like other massacres. They already knew who the culprit was before it happened and they “SAID” Isis claimed responsibility.

  • Tımūjín Măngűdąi

    Mossad/Mi6 staged False Flag terrorist attack and claimed responsibility by isis social media which is Run By israeli jew Named Rita Katz who runs Site intelligence

  • Armorize

    I read a report that stated his dad said he was “a good kid” and wouldn’t do this. I don’t know what to think yet but I’m keeping an open mind.

  • Nathan Riva

    I don’t believe any of these fools act on their own. Especially attacks with massive devastation. They follow orders from their “leaders” who in turn follow orders by their CIA / Mossad / mi6 handlers. I’m sure many of those Imams are paid very well to tell young, naive, lost men to blow themselves up.

  • Dutch Truth Hunters

    Why don’t you do a check on the supposed victims and the evidence of the attack (the damage to the building for instance). It certainly is possible the incident was a drill. Crisis actors did their part, the rest followed the panic they created.

  • Hot Chille Prepper

    The old style of patsy has many negatives, get them in court and they may say something to expose the lot. I think a PAID patsy is the way they go about it theses days.

  • sheri wilson

    Check into the 22’s involved-Secret societies LOVE the number 22!! Date, boy’s AGE, TIME (in UK), Lattitude/Longitude, and so on…see for yourself-Order out of chaos indeed!

  • Hot Chille Prepper

    And just before this event, May wanted to bring in new strict laws to restrict what people can see and do on the internet. I bett this event will be used to bring in restrictions.

  • ModernT.

    America also released the name of Micheal.Zihaf Dildo. the Ottawa Parliament False Patsy shooter! But America had his name not CSIS

  • Backgammon Player

    Here you can witness that Press For Truth does not stand for truth.
    Of freaking course Manchester was another event in the endless list of victimless Mossad crisis actor hoaxes.
    When a bomb goes off and kills a bunch of people there won’t be only dead and light casualties but also torn off arms & legs and disfigured faces. If that’s not the case, then it was a hoax.

  • MrJwyne

    Oh no, we need a new world order to save us from harm. Once the order happens, no one will ever die again, right?

  • Streetslogic

    ?What would 5000 solders do to a suicide bomb under someone’s coat? This Hoax is clearly to increase fear and propagate hate.

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