Hillary Clinton Is A Threat To All Of Humanity

TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=19281

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Wall Street-backed warmonger whose potential election as President of the United States this November poses an existential threat not just to Americans but to all of humanity.


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  • hello hun

    What a horrid frosted hair witch she has become. The sequence of videos of
    her over the years is illustrative of how a woman can look good when young,
    and then smack the wall.

  • kittensugars

    She’s a monster. This “election” is a circus, and the american people need
    to WAKE UP. It’s not just the elections that are corrupt….there’s poison
    in your food, air and water, we are at perpetual war, our grid is weak, our
    infrastructure is crumbling…..

    But lets go hunt pokemon. Wake the HELL up.

  • Des Northcott

    While I absolutely agree with your assessment of Hillary, sadly the US are
    stuck between a rock and a hard place. Listening to the guy at the RNC
    listing his ‘indictments’ of Hillary for the crowd to pass judgement on, he
    managed to push the same NWO narratives of Iran as a nuclear threat and
    Putin’s Russia as the aggressor – showing quite clearly (as every one of
    your subscribers should know), that beneath the bluster, the Agenda of both
    sides is the same – that of their masters and owners. Those who have been
    fooled by the media smear campaign into thinking Trump is truly an
    outsider, and the answer to America’s problems, are going to be sorely
    disappointed, when, just like every politician before him (Obama being the
    most obvious recent example), once in power his pre-election promises will
    have no bearing on his actions. You know as well as anyone that the
    Left/Right paradigm is a sham, and politics is more about a question of
    style in how the NWO Agenda is carried forward, like a fashion show and no
    more meaningful. Sadly, if the ‘real’ controllers want WW3, and it
    certainly looks that way, they are not in the least concerned with who is
    US President when they bring it about…. in this case, in terms of
    ‘style’, I do think that with Trump it might take them a little longer to
    achieve their ends, while it would be full speed ahead with Hillary, but
    that’s where the difference ends. In the interests of fairness and lack of
    bias, and to avoid accusations of being a Trump ‘shill’, or suddenly
    becoming dumb again and believing that elections matter, you should do a
    comparable take-down of Trump – his long-standing friendship with the
    Clintons, and other dubious characters like paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the
    self-promotion as the embodiment of the ‘American Dream’ – a self-made
    billionaire – when in fact he inherited millions from his father, etc.
    Sure his rap sheet isn’t as long as Hillary’s – (and I’m quite surprised
    that you didn’t even mention the long line of dead bodies the Clinton’s
    have left in their wake – at last count 17 of former Clinton bodyguards are
    now dead, and that’s a small fraction of the total). But he isn’t the
    ‘Populist’ his script-writers have made him appear to be. Anyway, thanks
    for your great work, James. From a concerned UK observer! Sayonara.

  • Philippe Bissonnette

    chomsky is a fucking zionist jew piece of shit disinfo agent and should
    have been hung eons ago and neo con zionists need to be hung by there

  • RedSpiralHand

    Sometimes you contradict yourself, James. So, since the figureheads put
    into office are just the puppets of the overarching world agenda of the PTB
    then it does not really matter who gets voted into office. Granted, Hillary
    makes my skin crawl…and she’d be likely to carry out the initiation of
    nuclear war with genuine glee it seems. But I don’t really feel that the
    prospect of more wars including nuclear war would be any less likely if
    Trump or Bernie or any other patsy was “placed” in office, instead. And
    judging by the similarity of the messages coming from other world
    figureheads, the PTB are escalating the march towards war, more financial
    rape and seemingly not caring if all they leave behind are ashes.

    Actually, the escalation smacks of desperation…you think?

  • WestCoastAdventures

    It’s totally gonna happen isn’t it – a culling of the population (sigh) So
    incredibly sad

  • Laurence Lanigan

    “Anyone who wants to blow up the planet is not progressive.” True as it is,
    that line made me laugh out loud.

  • Rhonda Schmit

    To the workers at Youtube, your censoring is just a small example of the
    injustices that are being systematically carried out by the criminals
    running the world. If you want to live in an unjust world, if you don’t
    care what kind of world your children and grandchildren will be subjected
    to, if you think the bankers, the 1%, the cabal, the satan worshippers
    should run the world, tell every person how to live, IF they can live, what
    to eat (GMO), how to medically treat, if they allow treatment(forced
    vaccines & chemotherapy on children), where to live(fema camps), what
    poisons we are subjected to(fluoride, gmos, chemicals in food products,&
    air (chemtrails), who we can worship, that boys can go in girl’s bathrooms
    locker rooms and vice versa, that they, the government, knows what’s better
    for us than we ourselves do, then by all means keep it up. Just blindly
    follow their immoral rules and continue to help them with their goal of
    reducing the population by 90% and world domination. I wonder if you will
    be one of the 10% allowed to survive, your spouse, your children and
    grandchildren, or how about your elderly parents, that has already paid
    more than their fair share of dues? People, you need to wake the hell up.
    If you must try to keep MY comments from being posted, you’d better start
    thinking about the ramifications of these actions and how you are
    contributing to the demise of not only our country but humanity itself.

  • shabaviz shadman

    US government: Largest terrorist organisation on this planet.
    With Hillary as its boss, the world will be a even scarier place than it
    already has become because of this organisation.

  • Enricco C

    don’t you think it is more likely that people like bernie sanders are
    supporting her not because they want to, but are forced to due to threats
    of what will happen to them or their families if they don’t?

  • doyoueven

    Trump is a threat for ALL humanity AS WELL. We need to boycott the
    elections but obviously that wont happen bc people are too mind controlled
    to realize the truth

  • alpha centauri

    Her demented cackling about starting WW3 with James Baker should have made
    it obvious what she is.
    However, media toadies slobber all over her, praising how wonderful she is.

  • rachiepaich

    My God, if you watch her face, nothing moves above the mouth other than she
    raises her eyebrows a couple of times. She appears to be emotionally dead.

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