NATO Woos Trump With 9/11 Wreckage – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: NATO’s Feel-Good Meeting Aims to Impress Trump

Afghanistan: Ten Years of War

NWNW Flashback: NATO Preparing Vast Disinformation Campaign Against Syria (Jun. 14, 2012)

Story #2: China Pushes Public to Accept GMO as Syngenta Takeover Nears

GMO Golden Rice Trials Fail – Stunted Plants, Reduced Grain Yield

Story #3: China’s Leading Search Engine to Require Real-Name Registration for Its Services

Theresa May Is Going to Protect You From the Internet

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  • George orwell

    i can see it now. statist will call you a criminal if you dont get a license to use internet. cops will search the internet looking for unlicensed users. the sheep will comply

  • not2tees

    GMOs were something, once, that seemed so obviously evil. But that was before decades of most people not knowing anything about them, or caring, and the constant attacks by the corporations on sane approaches to GMO. Now GMOs seem like an inexorable evil. China leads in corporate success because their corporations deliver workers at starvation wages – is this changing at all? I don’t know.

  • Garnet K

    ugg, trump a total tool, I can’t believe people who voted for this guy still think he was that guy who lied his way in there.

  • Planetgonenuts

    “For many generations the Atlanteans dwelt together, practicing gentleness and wisdom and despising everything but virtue. They were neither intoxicated by luxury nor did wealth deprive them of their self-control. They saw clearly that their wealth increased as a result of friendship, one with another.

    So the Atlantean continent flourished for many ages until at last the divine portion within the people began to fade away. Their souls became diluted with a mortal admixture and human nature gained ascendancy. They became unseemly and lost the fairest of their precious gifts.                     
    It was thus that the spirit of conquest came to them. They resolved to increase their lands by violence and by force.  Avarice increased and they no longer had eye to see the true happiness.                 
    “In the course of time, the vicissitudes of human affairs corrupted little by little their divine institutions, and they began to comport themselves like the rest of the children of men. They harkened to the promptings of ambition, and sought to rule by violence. Then Zeus, the King of the gods, beholding this race once so noble, growing depraved, resolved to punish it, and by sad experience to moderate its ambition.” – Plato              
    Atlantis here and now.

  • upuaut MCC

    In Italy they’re gonna make criminals out of any parents who will refuse to vaccine their children. Actually, they already just did. Not kidding.
    Thanks to our government, now we share with Latvia the questionable privilege of having *12* vaccines mandatory for children from 0 to 16 years of age. How does it work? Well, we have compulsory education up to 16 years. The new law (actually a “Decreto Legge”, the usual way they take when they want to make a law NOW but they don’t want to confront with the parliament, or at least delay the confrontation to a further moment) makes it *impossible* to send children (non vaccinated) to school if they are less than 6 years of age; and it makes very *expensive* for their parents to send their older children (6-16 years) to school, because they will receive a fine that can reach *7500* euros.
    But the worst thing – the one who really screams for revenge – is that *the parents who will refuse to vaccinate their children could be stripped away of their parental authority* .
    This, from every aspect you can approach it, is *fascism* , plain and simple.

  • Halady Sheela prabhu Prabhu

    China will grow gmo food stuff and flood the Indian market with gmo products like they are doing with plastic rice and a few vegetables. the moment
    it’s a disgraceful act

  • Eunice Mathu

    I guess the corporations are passing the torch from west to east. And so many things could go wrong. Lets pray God be the guide in all this. We could be feeding china the little monster that could grow so big only to turn on us. I guess we have no where to run to. Lets run to God He can save us.

  • FIR Christian

    Dude on the right needs to stop talking like a fucking news reporter with the phony, sing-songy, melodic “I know more than you do” condescending tone. Drives me absolutely insane. Talk like a human, dude.

  • Glenn Howden

    So Corbett thinks that a New York billionaire, that has made his money off of conning other wealthy people and Hollywood razzel dazzel, has the mind of a simple country boy from Boring Oregon, and that he will be swept off his feet by NATO’s self aggrandizing display of power.

  • ouchyg

    Ground zero wasn’t still literally smoldering two months after 9/11. It was still literally burning at over a thousand degrees.

  • Nicholas Salcido

    You guys were basically WRONG on every single prediction about how Trump would handle this. UNSUBSCRIBED!

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