Arizona Accepts Gold As Money! – A Major Blow To Federal Reserve Monopoly!

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about the acceptance of gold in Arizona as money!

As the story goes,
The Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey has signed into law a bill, HB 2014, which removes all state income tax on precious metals coins. The measure was passed in the Arizona Senate on May 10 by a margin of 16-13.

When people buy gold or silver to protect themselves against the devaluation of America’s paper currency, they frequently end up with a “gain” when exchanging the metal back into dollars.

However, this is not necessarily a real gain, regarding purchasing power. This “gain” is often nominal because of the slow but steady devaluation of the dollar. The government nevertheless assesses it as a gain for tax purposes.

Taxation is theft. These capital gain taxes are absolutely absurd! It’s great to see this eliminated!

The bill, called House Bill 2014, was introduced by Republican Mark Finchem who insisted that taxing exchanges of “legal tender” like gold coins is a tax on money.

Though it’s worth pointing out the creation of worthless fiat currency is in itself a tax on money if you think about it.

This is helpful to the cause of taking down the monopoly of the Federal Reserve banking Cartel, at least in Arizona.

Ron Paul spoke in favor of this bill and went to committee meetings which really helped drive this home.

The Arizona governor had vetoed very similar bills several times in the past.

Josh and John go into the resilience and preservation of value that is sound money like gold and silver and why it’s so important to own!

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Dolphin Chopper

    I used to think gold came from stars that went supernova, until I learned the earth is flat and we live under a dome.

  • PraxeoLiberty

    We have capital gains tax free coins in the UK. The bank of England still has a monopoly unfortunately

  • Enquiry News

    it’s ilegal, and US Government will eventually will stop the state of AZ ,but the Real tax on Gold is when you mine it, California it’s a 50% tax on Gold mined. SILVER also.

  • Enquiry News


  • Vader Vaders

    When the crash comes and fiat money is toilet paper, THE GOVERNMENT WILL TAKE YOUR GOLD AND SILVER!. It will become illegal to trade in it and you will be FORCED to turn it in for the greater good of your nation or charged with it’s possession. It will be cast into the streets as worthless to the masses.  good luck holding on to it!

  • James Fisher

    The Constitution does NOT allow the government to print money. The original 13 colonies debated this issue at length with 10 voting to “forever bar the door to paper money” after their experience with printing the “Continental” into virtual worthlessness to fund the Revolutionary War. Only one State opposed the measure, and one abstained from voting. As a result, they resolved that “only gold and silver would be accepted as legal tender amongst the several States”. In fact, the Constitution reads, “Congress shall have the authority to COIN money and set the value thereof”. This power DELEGATED to the government has been abused, misquoted, subverted and “interpreted” to mean that government could print bills without limits, thereby devaluing the Nation’s worthless CURRENCY to the point of eventual collapse of the entire monetary system, where we find ourselves today.
    Paper dollars ARE NOT MONEY. They are CURRENCY, and the difference is a matter of life and death for a Nation. Over 4000 years of history have proven that ONLY gold and silver have maintained their intrinsic value throughout, with only slight variations. One ounce of gold still has the relative buying power of one ounce of gold during the reign of the Roman Empire.

  • Chris Ballantyne

    Crypto currencies have one MAJOR flaw, there is a kill switch on the internet.  Or what happens if a city or two is hit by an EMP and the Internet goes dark.  So diversify, maybe get 10% crypto currencies, but your sound money is still Gold and Silver!

  • Free the people

    Way to go Arizona. Who’s next? Abolish the luciferian money changers. Jesus hanged for these. Oh, also take all the money they gathered nefariously. God is not mocked.

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