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  • Raymond7779

    The guy in the video says people are looking for a deeper understanding of ethics and human nature.  Well, that’s Jesus Christ.  If we can’t see the spiritual warfare all around us, the devil has one hook or another to ensnare us.  I used to “philosophize” like this guy (and party a bit) – that’s not reality.  The economy is about to tank, and war is close.  Time to get a little more serious about our spiritual walk, ’cause things are about to get really difficult.

  • Lillian Riccioli

    Woohooo!! This is beautiful, whoever made this, thank you! 
    Also, you’re super awesome for getting Carmines proposal to me <3 Thank you so much

  • Shawn Jones

    Everyone should stop being sheep and following the jewlibertarians. Learn to think for yourself and educate yourself and stop being tv brainwashed retards. Sounds familiar? Yeah its cause anyone still involved in the jewTruth movement is the same as the people they claim to oppose.

  • Patrick Lacy

    Yeah great Ben. I love ya bro, but why are you always a no-show for scheduled Free State Project events?

  • 20alphabet

    Looks more like a functional pohead event to me. Why are THESE people the ones portrayed as the ones closest to the answer than the Dr. Ben Carsons of the world?

  • Macombcountysheriff Copblock

    I am posting this to raise awareness of the The way the Macomb County Sheriff’s police mount clemens mi .
    The sheriff’s enforcement taskforce are nothing more than thugs with badges that patrol undercover no squad cars just plain clothes officers . Because of the community lack of trust for the sheriff’s and there is a very good reason why they intimidate instead of help the community.they treat everyone in my community as second class to them

  • Concasser LaRoux

    wait, do i miss the point here?
    searching for a deeper understandig of ethics while eating pork all day?
    and whats that about the guns?

  • yakyakyak69

    Freedom is voluntary EVERYTHING. NO forced charity. NO forced business service. NO forced “redistribution”. NO govt Permits needed… EVER!

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