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  • MJH

    Oath Keepers actively supports the revitalization of the state militias, preferably by state statute.. Oath Keepers is not a militia because their members are made up, in part, by active duty military and it is forbidden by law for active duty personnel to be members of a militia. Read their website for more details about Oath Keepers. http://oathkeepers.org/oath/

  • shadows0ul3

    Thank you for keeping the businesses safe in Ferg. Blind rage and chaos is not revolution, its just a distraction from restoring America and the Fed knows it.

  • Charlie Ennis

    This pisses me off to the high heavens that these genuine, well-meaning people come here to help, and those power grabbing pigs can’t stand the thought of some other group potentially having some sort of power or control over the situation and shut them down. Disgraceful…

  • stoker187

    Ben, a question… why is the last 3 minutes of this video blank (black and no sound) yet still running? Did the editor and or producer have stroke or something? It’s very curious it wasn’t cut out before upload.

  • drummeroake

    By maintaining a professional attitude, the oath keepers put themselves on the high ground, and will influence local police to defect against the federal lapdog police chief.

  • Rachel abomb

    Ben and Sam thank you for being there for all of us who cannot find the facts of this and other cases where all is not as it seems. God bless and keep y’all safe from harm. 

  • RebelRadius

    Why is this called a “Disrupt” Podcast?  Any relevance to project Minerva?
    DEMOS Project Digital Disruption Influence Social Change
    .  BTW Demos is a FABIAN think tank

  • Mack Junzun

    Both ends against the middle and we, my friends, are the middle. Look to the far left or right of any subject and you will find a Fed. TPTB weave a wicked web of deception in an effort to ferment division. SOP for a tyranny. 

  • C Dub

    I suspect that Ferguson PD & National Guard were given stand down orders from the feds. This is why Oath Keepers were harassed. The powers that be WANTED the riots & looting to happen.

  • Ruthie Andrews

    The truth is very simple.   The Oath Keepers are not a militia,   they are not racist.   There were many races working as Oath Keeper volunteers on the Ferguson project.   African American,  Lebanese, Hispanic,  Jewish,  Italian,  Scottish,  French Canadian, German, Native American,  and Philippine just to name a few.    The Dentist whos family member owned the buildings is more educated than Chief Belmar,  he was smart enough to choose MARSOC Marines with 3 or more deployments over the Belmar’s St. Louis County officers who failed them Monday night.  It was a wise choice,  since all 3 building the Oath Keepers guarded suffered no damage,  and at least 37 buildings Belmar’s men were supposed to be guarding burned.   We use Marines to guard our Nuclear Subs,  and they are significantly better than police and Army National guard when it comes to security operations.  The Oath Keeper leader chose very qualified men who guarded all six businesses for less than 1,200.00 dollars.   Nixon and Belmar spent over 12 million dollars and failed epically.   The Oath Keepers used volunteer fireman on the roofs with fire extinguishers and buckets of water with armed guards to protect the firefighters with great success.    Nixon and Belmar used Bear armored  vehicles,  cops in riot gear,  and tear gas,  and failed epically.   I am sure the Oath Keeper leaders would welcome a public debate with Nixon and Belmar on competence of men,  and competence of tactics, techniques,  and procedures.    The Oath Keepers showed our incompetent police chief and Governor how to do it right for 1/20  the cost.

  • Ascendaeus

    Why did the Police sit there Fuckin’ with the Protesters all Night when there were Robbers, Burglars, Arsonists Galore Rocking the fuck out Right down the Street? Because the Police are a Bunch of Fuckin’ Cowards that don’t seem to Know how to do their fucking Job. They’d Rather Intimidate Peaceful Protesters than Confront violent criminals in the Act. Clear Evidence of their Neglect of Duty & Cowardice.

  • Tom B.

    Body armor? C-mags? How about peaceful unity in truth and justice, stand together and just say no. You will lose if you stand alone, even if you have a tank…..

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