Ron Paul On Donald Trump and The Deep State

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Donald Trump and the Deep state with an interview with the former Presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul and Journalist Andrew Meyer. This as the president faces off against the FBI and the release of the FISA memo.

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  • Do Not Consent

    If Ron Paul had won in 2012. Ganja would be legal, no needless wars. Smaller gov. No forced vaccinations…….ahhh utopia.

  • R. Nashoba

    The only power to change this treasonous Jesuit type system is the people, Constitutional fact!
    They say that politicians are not intouch with society (wrong)…its the people who are not in touch with them,
    The western world has been dumbed down because if we all knew our Constitutional rights the world wouldnt be this way, Governments wouldn’t be controlled by private corporation’s, especially the federal reserve,
    Wake up and smell the shit!

  • Mona Alexis Pressley

    I’ll tell you where this Ron Paul person went: #Voluntaryist! Only way to go. You really cannot have freedom and government.

  • Joseph Allen

    Ron Paul sucks and lies just like the rest of them, wake up you dumbed down Americans. American people like wars, bullshit .we the people have lost control of our government, and there’s no way we are ever going to get it back.

  • Barney Google

    History is not on Dr. Paul’s side when it comes to the concentration of wealth vs limited government. The monopoly empires of the 19th and early 20th century tycoons flourished without governmental restraints and working conditions for the masses only improved through legislation. The trashing of the Constitution and rampant legalized murder via unjust wars has proliferated due to a lack of citizen participation in a government that was designed to protect our freedoms. This apathy has allowed the power of government to be usurped and corrupted by the influence of the wealthy and fostered a new era of super wealthy tycoons and struggling masses.

  • buffettfan

    I think Trump is the Deep State and I fear these Russia hacking allegations could be used to push for the suspension of all Constitutional elections.

  • Ana Suri

    Trump did not and is not fighting ISIS. I am a Syrian and can tell you that the US has been and continue to use ISIS as a geopolitical tool. This is evidenced by the fact that the only remaining ISIS pockets in Syria are just 50 kilometres away from where the US soldiers are stationed. Also many locals reported that US helicopters came to help ISIS thugs everytime the Syrian army squeezed andy cornered them. Trump is a lier like Obama. period.

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