Let’s Go Confront The Prime Minister! Behind The Scenes With PFT

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The Prime Minister of Canada is on a nation wide town hall tour taking questions from the audience not the mention the brunt of their justified frustrations! All across the country hecklers, protesters and haters in general attending town hall meetings with the hopes of getting in a question or comment! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth walks you through what it’s like for a prominent Canadian YouTube figure to show up at an event with the intentions of questioning the prime minister.

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About The Author


  • Pgs Penang

    Politicians can never be trusted; whether it is a democratic, republic or liberal.
    Only divine ruling by God Himself is perfect.

  • Michael S

    Wow, so the word “sons” raises more ire than the words “Thee” and “patriot”.
    No one is offended by that old English “thee”, let alone STANDING ON GUARD for it with TRUE PATRIOT LOVE!?! I haven’t even mentioned “God” or “glorious and free”.
    The whole anthem reeks of a smarmy nationalism whose propaganda was effective on the “sons” who fought in WWI & WWII. Now there’s just an empty vessel of Christian pretense in those lyrics.

  • Babrooker

    Nooooo – it is infecting our country now too…….. O’Canada is a song steeped in tradition from years before and it was “sons” in the forces at the time. It is our history! Stop trying to take that from us, please! If you have the need, create a new song about your current experience and leave our history alone!

  • P Track

    U know hes a politician like everyone else .Yes u and me they, we are products of their /our ancestors legacy. when they realize the pasts uncontrollable history they turn like the leaves red to brown. Problem is he doesnt have access to the primo projects and symantics hes busy being a good dad during a war, thats ok. hes a kid also. but WHO IS ACCOUNTABLE THEN ????

  • Jerry Bear

    all the resistance to your questions is proof your doing the right thing man, good job and thanks for staying out there.

  • Empress Signs

    Kudo’s!!! His funk is beginning to Drip Down into BRAINWASHED Black America!! God Bless You!!! I’ll pray for you sir!!’

  • i washere

    Dan, zoolander don’t like you. we need a change to our who democracy…direct democracy is the way forward where the people vote on the bills

  • Walter Samuel

    FUCK, Canada is full of Beta Males… There Pathetic… No wonder the filthy Muslims are all heading there and taking over… The real men need to get out of there and leave that Gay Lord Trudeau there and hope a filthy Muslim chops his head off…..

  • Ross Jason Boehm Lai

    Justin BC/Canadian, there is 1 Law Canadian Criminal Code(Justice Department of Canada) and one Dollar holding our country together.
    farm fish having to many problems(lis), pine beetles, and forest fires, full time labor need not 30hrs a week min wage($10.75hr) is to low housing to high anywhere in the country the ration through time does work slave(working slaves) labor starving persons not only food be health/leisure/holidays/ friendship. proper household necessities they see fit in there life not the thrift store bottom of the line,enjoyment of life(HUMAN RIGHTS, need 💲375 mth rental as income assistance only(all persons in BC/Canada) , clean water for all and infrastructure/property taxes uses we free rec center use(fitness weight rooms and pool) as school taxes there are free school and we pay teacher i them and staff too, Cheaper or free internet to like libraries too…🌎Were all from the Same Earth are we NOT????Aboriginal to Earth‼️…….nothing is the same as 300- 150 – 50 years ago only what we are told clean unbroken speech…for higher education..(broken is unnatural),
    according to stuff read the Komox Valley Reservation was moved here for Cowichan bay in the early 1900’s ???history are these lays??
    🇨🇦️🇨🇦️🔨 Human Right violation(charter of Rights and Freedoms based on UN HUMAN RIGHTS): in CCPD/Incommon assistance(all under Federal paperwork EI) and every Government agencies i Have found Torture/Discrimination to many loop hole for protection for them no Equal before and after the laws and more Laws Violated over and over Every Year $1100💰‼️ for single person is not enough to live on in any City were there may or may not be Better Job training and Jobs with Future and person with the Same Interests and to hard to move, PRISON RIGHTS ARE BETTER ‼️Legal Aid does not Work or Ombudsperson BC they can not protect Equal before and after the Laws and reverse Charge to the Government for Assault and
    Human Right/ Charter of Rights and Freedoms Violation🛑🛑‼️‼️‼️‼️Education does work if there is no Jobs after take it or any🛑 Work Harassment(life)🛑 going on well take(driving us from wanting to be there) it or Fair wages non staving workers. minorities MEN are outnumbered 7 to 1 to Women how many are breeders and will to Be Father’s? Red/Blond head DNA 1% of the World(extinct in 29 years they say like the bald Eagle and many more) and Canadian boriginalriganal are only 1 million to Wiki out of 30 million People in Canadian approx.,‼️👮‍♂️To much Prejudgement Bios options in the POLICE🚔 and association they work with Every Government agency leading to Misconduct and excessive force charge and claims crime of Genocide..IN Media and History (RCMP/POLICE👮‍♂️🚔- Provoked-fabricated the event the JUDGE SAYS, Vancouver Airport taser and kill a man in excessive force‼️POLICE, MILITARY , Teachers don’t make enough money ptsd stess pstd harm fitness to enter and need a long application investigation for Newcomersmers ( immigration)Canada(I have a disability and reading spelling is part of it thanks to spell check my be better Watch Youtube i talk about POVERTY and Assault I am going through NOW and need HELP‼️‼️question to you the Government Youtube Station Ross Jason Boehm Lai).

  • katsavidiz

    That guy was blocking you cuz zoolander might have been just stupid enough to pick you for a question….yes, you sir, with the beard..doh!

  • Daniel B

    “True patriot love thou dost in us command”. original verse by Robert Stanley Weir in 1908. Why is the gov wasting its time on this…

  • Ken Jacobsen

    Keep on keeping on Dan.
    You obviously got Shiny Potato and his crew rattled.
    They know you and aren’t capable of answering your questions.

  • Bruce Arrighi

    I think when you go to these town hall you should use yourself as a decoy to keep the attention on you and have a couple of guys not known to bombard trou du cul Trudeau with all the right questions

  • Kirks 71

    Did she really just say they are more genders than men and women???? Hmmm not the last time I checked!!!! Was it a he/she you interviewed??

  • Boaz Ezekial

    be very careful of that deceiver Dollar Vigilante man! he’s anti Real Bitcoin and only is a Shill For the FAKE bch Bitcoin cash he’s a tool be careful

  • Barry Dutton Sells Homes

    Good stuff Dan, like I have said before, you gave it a good try, they were never going to give YOU the mic. Blessings always.

  • Mickey O

    The town hall tour was nothing more than a photo-op for Trudeau and his cronies. All you get is a smile and no informative answers to people’s questions. You might as well put up a cardboard cutout of Trudeau with a drawstring from a Chatty Cathy doll that when pulled, spews out Liberal rhetoric that you’ve heard a hundred times before. In fact, I think a Chatty Cathy doll would be an improvement because you can at least throw it out.

  • Givemeafinname

    we never had to do the national anthem everyday.. I think that guy is lying .
    And look at the amount of cuck glasses.

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