The Memo, Trump, and Kissinger with Press For Truth

In this video, Jason Bermas is joined by Dan Dicks of Press For Truth to discuss a number of issues including the infamous memo release this weak, Trump’s association with Henry Kissinger, and a number of other issues.

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  • Nelio Anderson

    it’s amazing how backwards the satanic Globalist in the mainstream media are.
    Because they would not shut up over Russian collusion nothing burger like it was legitimate.
    Then when the whole legitimacy hinges on this false document proves to be a farse these Mocking Bird agents say that there is nothing to see here. So basically the Russian narrative is fake and the dossier is real they claim the opposite

  • Auntie Troll

    Jason, PLEASE, please, PLEASE, get a new microphone. I’ve watched several videos with you and your volume is constantly cutting in and out. Mostly out. Don’t know exactly what the problem is, but it is definitely coming from you, not Dan, not Luke.

  • Sandy Stark

    If you watch Trumps interviews, he was talking about the same issues 30 years ago. He has since that time felt that the U.S. was being sold out. He has been very consistent and his platform is very clear. EXCEPT in one important way …Trump was against the Iraq war and the Syria invasion. Since of course we know he seems to have gotten on the war train.

  • s70rk

    Yeah, the elites have life extension technology.
    Kissinger, for example, is injected with a large dose of money and orphan tears every morning.

  • brett roebuck

    Trump is a Rothschilds Zionist puppet like Bush and Obama were, full of dead men’s bones, as the world will soon see with there never ending Wars.Bush = Iraq Obama Libya Syria and Trump’s job is War with North Korea and Iran.7 countries in five years.The puppet master never changes The ROTHSCHILDS

  • zidek50

    Also wanted to say you guys should do a podcast together or something like that. Seems like you keep a good flow going together. Thanks again.

  • Bryan Blackburn

    Trump is obviously under certain limitations but has a lot of support from anti globalist forces in our military and if you ask me they are carefully directing him to play the game patiently and this may make him look like a globalist because morons can’t comprehend why he exhibits so much patience and how he is able to pretend to fit in so cozy. Trump has the potential to end the Federal reserve. Ron Paul is a lot like Trump as well but he is not as good at playing the game to defeat the cabal of globalists. 911 is needing to be reinvestigated again and Trump has said so. He has also said auditing the fed is needed.

  • Michael Mariner

    Those war criminal turd stains wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked them in the face
    Every one of those American Puppet’s since I can remember Have Lied to America every minute of the decade.

  • Robert Bennett

    The litmus test for Trump will be if Clinton and the dirty Deep State FBI and DOJ officials go to jail. There is no moving forward until the Rule of Law is established. Clearly Killary was the selected Puppet for the empire. Trump is a Military cheerleader and a Corporate advocate, but the takedown of the Continuity of Government Operatives was never supposed to occur. It may simply be the blowback of their treasonous attempt to remove President Trump and he is fighting back, or it may be intentional as he stated in his West Palm Beach speech in 2016. Either way this memo is a monumental opportunity to unhinge 40+ years of entrenched corruption. We will see in the short term as False Flag events play out, bureaucrats go to jail and the Fed pulls the plug on the fake economy. None of this diminishes the fact that the 2 party system is a fraud, or that the real power of the Central Bank owners are still in control.

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