CREEPY: Woman Sees Man Watching Her While On Facebook With Nephew!

Josh Sigurdson reports on a creepy story from the Free Thought Project where a woman who was talking to her nephew on Facebook messenger tried to send a video only to see a video of a man watching her.
She pressed the record button down and the man’s face came up. An obvious hacking glitch.
The woman, terrified quickly turned off her phone and taped off the camera.
What’s also weird is that people can be heard talking behind the man. Could it be a hacking firm? Could it just be a guy in his dorm room? Could it be a crossed wire? Could it be an elaborate government hacking operation?
What do you think? Comment below!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • World Alternative Media

    Sorry, I’ve been sick and took the first few days in a row off in a long time. Trying to get better before we head to Mexico to report on Anarchapulco. Stay tuned!
    Thought I’d put this video together since the story creeped me out. ; )
    ~ Josh

  • Jake The Snake

    Just shut down google play stuff in the background. Ive forced stopped and disabled so much on my phone. Ive noticed way longer battery life and way less ram used. Its so easy to shut this stuff down. But i do have a android guy that say update app that i can’t get to go away. Not sure if it was there before. Ive closed so much on my phone at one point it wouldn’t load back up after restart lol

  • Annie's Channel

    A small square of Electrical tape is great for covering camera lens..easy to put off n on..mine is always covered.

  • G Stew

    These devices are creepy man. I put a patch over my selfie camera long ago. And as for passwords they better have one hell of a hacking machine but the fact that it’s possible is what’s disgusting these devices are spy machines plain and simple whoever’s doing it doesn’t matter the manufacturer needs to own the fact that they built an $800 paid in full spy machine to monitor your every move. I was looking at a job a block-and-a-half away from a park the other day and Google wanted to know how my experience at the park went. I responded to them that it was one of the most disgusting feelings in my life that I couldn’t go do my job without you monitoring my movements and then if you’re going to have the nerve to ask for a park review then you should also have a check ready to write and pay for it. I’m not your f****** employee Google you creepy peeping Tom scumbags. In the history of mankind you got your jaw broke but all the sudden in the last few years because of these devices now you get to be peeping Toms. You really should be ashamed of yourselves and if you’re not well maybe Society needs to make you be

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