Zbigniew Brzezinski’s End, Kim Dotcom Bombshell: What Really Happened This Week

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the breaking latest news of everything that happened this week which we think you should know about in proper context. We go over passing away of top globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski passing, Kim Dotcom bombshell and a lot more.

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  • Beep Boop

    the views on this make me sad, it should have so much more. Why do people turn a blind eye? Is YouTube making these channels very hard to discover?

  • Icureditwithmybrain

    Don’t forget to close background programs on your computer that consume resources when you record these videos. This video is playing at like 5 fps.

  • DevastatER93

    Truth is that when the most people become awaken to the truth that parasites run out societies it will be too late. It’s not Jews, muslims of christians but a different form of ideology which many may claim is Zionism/Ashkenazism as such. I see all the main religions of being used as social-engineering ploys or division. Either way I don’t want the blame to be put on a Royalist-created religious. group. It’s cause it will create more divisions against those who are manipulated. I only want what’s best for humanity, the planet, all life, and the universe. Even if it means sacrificing my own humanity and soul itself. Would it matter if those who are in the Bilderberg Group were eliminated/eradicated? Many even claim that “Luke” is a shill which I think contradict the info given. Any anti-establishment information is against their organizations. The reason I write/type so much is cause I along with many of us were born into this hijacked-system! So I think spreading the knowledge/info is key to true enlightenment instead of insulting those who are manipulated. It’s none of our faults for this darkness but ignorance is our fault if we submit to the darkness.

  • Garnet K

    that was a busy 11:18 all that pain and suffer summed up in a few paragraphs, what will history think of what we are and what we’ve done to ourselves in the early 2000’s. what a mess,

  • Graham ObI

    Is it true that kimdotcom recently just lost a legal battle in New Zealand against extradition to the United States ? Then he jumps out with this Seth Rich connection seems like awkward timing to me. Kinda like a man using his last resort for freedom as he asked for immunity to testify in court or Congress even if he’s lying he would still get immunity from the charges he faces for copywrite infringement. I’m not trying to deny Seth was taken out btw I’m just saying, here is a link to kimdotcom losing an appeal against extradition to America.


    Anybody else think there might be a connection here ?

  • Insane Orange

    You are too sarcastic to get any real news from. Sorry but I am unsubscribing. Enough already. We know all the reason these things are happening. We need to know newest news to make us safe when all hell breaks loose.

  • Algo Rhythm

    Luke, you have restored my faith in the Millennial generation and humanity’s future. Nice work on this!

  • streetmuggedbypolice

    Mmm…so the Saudis + the Israeli zionists will unite to attack Iran in the (near?) future perhaps???

  • streetmuggedbypolice

    Just because the africans and the arabs and the south asians come through Libya towards Europe didn’t mean the dirty politicians has to let them in? Mmmm then again they wouldn’t be dirty european politicians if they had not let the 3rd world migrants into europe. The 3rd worlders including the politicians have to be sent back through libya to their own countries. Europe non politician people don’t want them taking over european countries. Send the bums back!

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