China Blocking Bitcoin? While Russians Use Super Computer To Mine Cryptos

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange talks with Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media about the latest news in cryptocurrency and bitcoin. One of the biggest stories of the week has been the major dip in the stock market and jump in price of Bitcoin As well as major news coming from China and Russia in this space plus a lot more.

The views expressed in this video are our opinions and not financial advise. Please do your own due diligence.

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  • Styles Bitchley

    Let’s try this again, because apparently not a single damn person is capable of answering this question in ANY forum or comments section..


    I hold some btc. I use localbitcoins exchange because it is simple, straight forward and has the built in wallet. I initially wanted to buy at £18, but ended up waiting to buy until it was at around £170/£180 because it was all too complicated and I just couldn’t figure it out.

    I have been putting off buying ETH for a couple of years now because I just can’t figure out an easy way to do it, and I have put off buying EOS for the past 2 and a half months for those same reasons. I’d like to diversify with others like LTC, monero, dash, Steemit, ripple and such but I can’t get my head around those exchanges that just have a bunch of numbers and graphs all over the screen, I have discalcula (I think that’s what it is called?) and feel like I am about to pass out every time I try to figure it out.

    Does ANYBODY out there have very simple, step by step instructions on buying and storing crypto’s other than btc from a reputable site that is easy for someone like me to understand?

    EOS has already more than doubled and halved again since I first wanted to buy, and I am just completely lost!

    Please somebody, ANYBODY! Can you help me out with this? A link? Anything!

  • jonniecypher

    Crikey it’s crypto-mania in the crypto-market-place. Yikes! You young people and your obsession with money. You all need to take a trip down to the farm and watch the combine harvesters do their work on your crypto-currencies. As Donald would say, my buttons bigger than yours.
    But seriously, real politic will make it hard/impossible for any kind of ‘revolution’ to come of such a thing. We do make a big thing about the monetary system being the root of our evil but it’s more of the mind-set that we can substitute one kind of fungible asset for our time and labor and then have a dynamic market to trade these assets while showing total and immediate transparency on price signals notwithstanding commercial and in confidence pricing agreements and arrangements. But you young people know all this and can explain to us how you get over all of it? Yes? Blockchain I suppose with it’s decentralized ledger like an accountant in everybody’s financial transactions 24/7. Nowhere to hide that cost of an abortion….

  • Johan2 Ofinlohigh

    The next big cryptocurrency is gonna be Testiballs. Testiballs is planning to use similar formatting as BitCoin, but they’re gonna thrust deeper into their subcurrency structure to encourage more stroking investments to erect their currency value faster.

  • ZatoichisCaneSword!

    Didn’t WRC report on The “India bans cryptos” story as a real thing last week? Maybe CERN fired up the LHC again and I’m getting Mandella Effected…
    Dude the Mandella is way real-er than gluten allergies and Ebola combined.

  • Tom Nelson

    1. Crypto hustlers are running wild right now.
    2. The Dark Governments are like the Mafia, they don’t just walk away.
    3. The BIG BAD elements will snap your back without a second thought if you get into their pockets.
    4. All the amateurs will get burned.
    5. Quantum computing is the end of crypto-anything.

  • judy lapointe

    way to much bias when it comes to bitcoin – you sound like main stream media pushing your agenda. bitcoin is not going to solve economic problems rather just increase social problems. This is after all how the dark world pays each other, to promote bitcoin is to promote human trafficking – why?

  • Adrian A

    China is full of shit dude, they wont ban crypto only the part its not bringing proffits inside of China mainland… exchanges and stuff like that makes money flow out of China, I bet you whatever you want China secretly mines Crypto with gov facilities. I know how commies/totalitarians tick , im from previous Iron CUrtain, these people are obsessed with bringing in money and not letting money flow out…. you heard of Ceausescu ? similar. They also cant show any sign of respect for free market, thats why its the Crypto world that should completely ban out China in some ways, that would be very very healthy for crypto world.
    p.s. I also dont trust any projects coming out of China, bullshit Tron and other shit. Even Neo for all I care.

  • Jacqueline Payne

    Why do we have to rush in to Bitcoin now to get rich? If it proves itself over time I’ll be in. At the moment it’s all just speculation and hype. I am more interested in everyone being able to use it as a secure, user-friendly, day-to-day currency than trying to get rich by speculating.

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