LIVE 360: At Bilderberg w/ Tim Pool AMA Tech Review: Part 1 of 2

Luke and Tim Pool discuss the latest technology gadgets outside the Bilderberg conference venue in Virginia. They are expermenting with a 360 degree live stream. They discuss what hardware is useful for live streaming, including the use of drones, Gopro and 360 degree cameras. They talk about what cell phones work well for recording. They discuss the various limitations of these devices and what works in live recording situations.


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  • Karl P. Horse

    I think that you are a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t think that is a bad thing. Sure there are people who believe without evidence that the world is flat, and that Obama was a reptilian alien, but that is not you. You are a different breed. You have the mind of a detective, you don’t believe in coincidences, at least not when it comes to the elite. You speculate that the cell phone service was turned off at occupy, and you believe that there is something sinister going on at Bilderberg. These are not ridiculous assumptions to make, given what we know about the kind of people who are at the top. And you continue looking for evidence to support these theories. Honestly, I have always thought of you as the real life version of the Question from DC. Minus the faceless mask and martial art skills. I could be wrong, I don’t know what is in your head, but that is just what I get from watching your videos.

  • Bren D

    This is so awesome to touch my screen or move my phone around full circle to see what u see 360 !! Like I’m with u guys lol I love it and love u guys!!!👍🤗

  • Ann Connery

    George Webb & Jason Goodman suddenly stopped checking in with YouTube & Periscope this afternoon. Periscope now says they have no videos for them, although they were on there early this afternoon.

  • ZeroCool2015

    I don’t believe the globalists care about laws or regulations when they want censorship to work for them against any free media

  • LVScooter1

    Luke and Tim. Even though this video was streamed live a few hours ago, I was still able to move it around in the taped upload. Very nice. Huge super like.

  • Theophilus Christianus

    power (and tech) to the people! this is great guys, dough it seriously sucks bandwidth :). Good luck!

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