Tools For Building Community #FreedomCells

Derrick Broze discusses 3 websites/apps that can help with decentralized community building. We take a look at,, and

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  • believe it

    It creates a wonderful data base for the corrupted govt. As long as people
    think they must use their computers and cell phones for everything, this
    will continue. Build your cell online?….not the best of ideas. NOTHING
    you put online or on your computer is private. Not to mention exactly how
    easy these groups can be infiltrated. If you think the govt is not doing
    this, then you are simply not thinking. This is exactly why the internet
    was released to the common people. To those with truly altruistic motives,
    I wish you the best of luck. But once the govt tires of this….well….you
    know how it goes…..and they will have a nice handy list

  • insimplebeing

    Thanks for posting this. This is exactly the way we take our planet back:
    Decentralized peer to peer solutions. If corporations can replace workers
    with technology, we the people can replace government with technology

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