A Decade of Dominance

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10 years ago a lowly English teacher in a one room apartment launched a website no one knew about on a clunky old laptop. Today you know that site as “The Corbett Report.” Join James for this special 10th anniversary edition of the podcast as he reflects on the history of the site, and what is possible when a motivated individual with a passion is supported by a community.


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  • A. Comment

    Fuck me, what an ego this dude has!!! To hear him, anyone would think “The Powers That Shouldn’t be” are quaking in their boots because of The Corbett Report reporting the so-called “truth!” He reminds of some geek sat in his bedroom dreaming of power. I kinda of feel sorry for the guy. A legend in his own mind, anybody?

  • Luc Dauvin Horseshoer

    thanks James. you followed inspiration. your attention to detail and description of it are your brand might i say is your identity.


    I knew you were cool when you said you were at a smashing pumpkins concert. Now you listen to Paris?! Damn do you listen to immortal technique or killah priest?

  • Ted X

    Corbett, Broadcast Journalism 101: If you are going to get taped walking around under the sun without reflectors/screens, etc., wait for the “magic hours”, which occur within one hour after sunrise and one hour before sundown. Then make sure you are facing the sun, which will not be strong enough to bother you at those times.

  • Peter Stewart

    Nice bit of your life! Thanks for sharing !

    My comment when I shared this to FB….
    This guy is one of my main teachers !

  • Make Humanity Great Again

    My moral integrity is what has always made me see right through the BS. That will never change. Congrats on being ten years deep and who you are.

  • Sasha Stone

    No sentimentality from me: you haven’t covered anything relevant this year. Haven’t listened to anything but the Pilato show, which is three stories, if you can call that a show. Corbett may have been great at one time, but he spends most of his time resting on his laurels.

  • Daniel S

    Congrats James! You honestly have changed my life by freeing me from the lobotomised herd of sheeple. Thank you!

  • Don Haueter

    I work on a factory trawler we where leaving Seattle heading back to Alaska and Home Security decided to board us.  At the time we where also experiencing an over heating problem in the engine room.  They insisted that we all stand on the bow of the boat while they did their check.  Now we our leaving so why the stop.  They said it was just a drill and they had to do it as real as possible.  So we stood, told not to move.  They didn’t point guns at us but they had them ready. They acted very serious and afterwards never apologize for the inconvenience or thank us for our cooperation in their drill.  They where in effect playing a war game and we where just forced to play along.

  • Jim Finigan

    Interesting. The Canadian government refuses to vet refugees and migrants because asking personal questions (eg regarding religion) is too intrusive. However, photocopying a Canadian citizen’s diary is fine.

  • saintⓋearth

    Nice.. l’m totally bringing my 9/11 was an inside job/ false flag/ chem trails diary with me when i travel from now on. The TSA types need to hear the truth.

  • lininomartino

    Boy oh boy, I was a hard case. I’m a military brat, dad was a pilot in WWII and Korea (mosquito one), and I was THOROUGHLY indoctrinated into the military mindset (not so much the wars, as the peacekeeping). My 5th grade classroom was in a quanset hut next to a runway in Ramstein Germany (big military hub in Europe). But, my partner–a Vietnam era vet– just kept talking about 9/11 and what he was seeing and reading, and, being curious, I would ask questions. Finally, after a couple of years and some of my own research, I was crushed to admit he was correct. It is a neverending abode of woe (as the Bible might say); it breaks my heart.

    But, not being stupid, i take what steps I can, and I talk to people, and I want to stop learning, but I cannot.

  • A. Comment

    And please remember folks….keep donating to The Corbett Report so good ol’ Jimmy doesn’t have to go back to his shitty job. You kiss his ass and he will kiss yours by telling y’all how wonderful you all are. Now, you, yes yes, the paying subscriber, pay your subscription to Jimmy and get back to YOUR shitty job!! All You Need Is Love says Jimmy, oh, and your subscriptions and don’t forget to buy his DVDs etc. See you on the beach Jimmy.

  • john laird

    If you’ve been around for any length of time that means you must have done something right. Many happy returns Corbett

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