Why I Dont Want to Become a Minority

Every White country is being forced to “diversify” by importing millions of non-Europeans into their nation. Lana tells why she doesn’t want to become a White minority.

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About The Author


  • arbitor365

    In South Africa, 6% of the population pays 99% of the taxes. Guess the race of the 6%
    This is why we dont want to become a minority

  • Emiliano

    “The world isn’t White, it’s dark” Made me laugh for some reason. lol. Good video though, excellent metapolitical work!

  • You Kipper

    In Britain this is still a really unpopular opinion to have – just look at London. I fear we’ll have passed the point of no return before people finally understand the ramifications of the mass migration we’ve endured. Sad state of affairs.

  • Bubba Lee

    In a matter of 100 years we’re going to have gone from 90% white to 30% white (and we’re only 2% East Asian -everyone else pulls us down). The West is going down hard and fast. People are absolutely delusional to think that Latinos who make $20,000 less per year than whites are going to uphold our standard of living. We’re literally cheering on the destruction of the free world. Inviting a Latino conquest in America and a Muslim crusade in Europe.

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