Cheddar Man Fraud Seeks To Legitimize Replacement of Europeans

“Turns out Britons were black, so let’s replace all Europeans with migrants NOW!!!”

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About The Author


  • ThuleSon

    Not only did northern Europeans develop agriculture later than those in the south, but Estonians have the largest amount of WHG dna, which is what Cheddar Man was.

  • serpens8

    This eating diet changed the skin color from black to white is a bullshit. Between blacks and whites just not the skin colour only the difference. The skin colour is only the smallest difference.

  • Joe Blow

    Allow me to explain why this is impossible to have taken place in ~5000 years. Blue eyes and white skin are very recessive genes compared to dark skin and dark eyes. There is no way in hell that in 5000 years recessive mutations in a few people overtook all the supposed dominant dark hair and eye genes across a entire continent. It took tens of thousands of years at least, plus interbreeding with Neanderthals. This theory is preposterous to anyone who knows anything about genetics and isn’t a leftard sjw.

  • Harmless House

    Only the stupid and naive took it to meant that “Britain is a black country” or anything like that… There were waves off mass migration in and out of Britain for thousands of years before the Romans got here — it’s not changed any Britons ancestry in any relevant way.

  • [sic]

    I don’t understand the controversy here. White people evolved lighter skin to absorb more vitamin D, which yes becomes even more important since the agricultural revolution because that completely changed our way of life and made us more sedentary, being exposed to less sunlight (of course the actual weather is the dominant effect, which explains why northern people have lighter skin). What does any of this have to do with immigration? How is this justification for letting anyone into Europe? Do Africans think they own anyone with brown skin? Is an albino black child not black because he has white skin?

  • jon jon

    If it was true, it would definitely be a one-off , a slave or something. Leftie scientists always get government funding, they’ll say what they’re told to say. Sad.

  • 123fenix987

    Well science is mostly lies, especially history, archeology and so on, I remember some years ago running across info that the races did not evolution one from the other – each one had its own adam and eve to start it, all races come from the white race, but the darker ones have also different animal genes – and were made by ETs to be their slaves here on earth as that South African researcher says /forgot his name/ and Sitchin too i think.

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