Squaring the Circle & The Cosmological Manipulation of Our Geocentric System

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Let’s lay some ground rules. This is my classroom. If you disrupt the class, you will be immediately removed without warning. If you are aggressive, disrespectful, condescending, or rude in any way, you will be ejected from the chat or comment section without hesitation. We will be discussing very weighty and controversial material, which is often highly charged, and so please be kind and considerate to one another. I have no compunction or reservation about removing or blocking anyone. Constructive comments, cordial debates, and sincere questions are appreciated and welcome. Please keep questions relevant to the topic discussed.

If you have particular questions about something I cover during the lecture, please save that question for the Q and A section at the end and I will try to answer it the best I can.

We are all in the process of learning. We are all in the process of self-discovery. We are all researching and questioning the world around us. No one has all the answers, and I certainly do not claim to. In the course of my life, I have changed my opinion and position countless times on things I was once very passionate about. This is growth. This is the evolution of the self. I may say something I may later regret, disagree with, have to clarify in greater detail, or have changed my position on. I am human. Please remember that. My aim here is to simply share with you what I have learned along the way and how I see the world. I have a great desire to teach people the knowledge I have gained, and I hope it helps, in some small way, aid others in their journey.

In short, I am simply a teacher of the mysteries and a preacher of the heart. God bless and thank you for watching.

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  • Ned Herbert

    Dude your an uneducated idiot. G stands at varying positions depending on the alphabet, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Cyrillic, etc

  • Light Worker621


    777 means or equals “Order Out Of Chaos” in Jewish Gematria. The high ranking Freemasons have as their motto on their rings ORDO AB CHAO. In Latin, Order Out Of Chaos. 777 is the Code the Media uses in all their hoaxes, staged events, and fake news stories. 777 is their Bullshit and Jackpot $$$$ Code. It means they(Media) or someone just made a lot of money with this fake Bullshit. 777 is also the “Lightning Flash of Creation” or also called the “Flaming Sword” in Kabbalah. The sum of the pathways the Lightning Strike or Flash takes coming down the Kabbalistic Tree of Life sums to 777. “Kill” equals “44” in Simple Gematria.

    Freemasonry is evil. They are hoaxing news. Staging terror events. Go look at Adam Walsh photo. Orange (33) hat with a C on it. 3. Adam Walsh story made a mason a lot of money. Hoax story. All the murder stories are lies. Made millions.

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