Bilderberg Group “NO COMMENT” Walk Of Shame “

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange faces the Bilderberg group members one on one and asks them about their participation in the group. And no surprise at all this video speaks for itself when a journalist does his best to do his job the Bilderberg members totally shut down the dialog.

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  • The Watchful Hunter

    Make false accusations to get an honest defense reaction or even a facial reaction.
    I like what you are doing. Well done. Persistence pays off.

  • trara

    Bilderberg members are not allowed to speak. If they do, (just like if Freemasons talk) there will be serious consequences for them and everything they’ve built.
    Keep in mind that the people who do talk, put their lives on the line for the sake of the people.
    Here’s a tip for next year if you intent to go. Do not put a camera in their face, ask with a sign or piece of paper if they want to talk and if so they can be anonymous. Then, you might actually get some answers.

  • Immaculate Heart

    Instead to ask them any questions. BEGIN TO CALL OUT THEIR NAMES AND THEIR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY THAT’S WHAT YOUR GUYS SHOULD DO. DON’T WASTE YOUR BREATH ON THE SCUMBAGS ENEMY OF THE EARTH. Curse them out, call them Luciferians of the New Jews World Disorder worship Anti-Christ and depopulation for their own greed evils.

  • chakor viper

    why they all act in the same way ????? I feel like they are all under the control of someone more powerful that we don’t know who he is….. 🙁 this is becomes scary

  • tori scott

    thank you Luke! you are brave and have a strong heart! I have a feeling that some of the silent people had to get a good look at themselves and how inhuman they were being by your kind and honest discourse! I am very proud of you!

  • Doesnt Matter

    Good roasting but seriously stop with the delusional conspiracy theories. If I was them I’d slap that camera off no offense but I mean that’s really intrusive

  • lokir

    The only way this video compilation could be better is by playing Randy Newman’s “Why can’t we be friends” as background music. Keep up the great work Luke. :o)

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