Finance Minister Bill Morneau Confronted On Bilderberg Attendance

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with finance minister Bill Morneau about his attendance at the secretive Bilderberg meeting to which Bill responds with trickery attempting to turn the conversation around but Dan is having none of it! Patreon ➜
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  • Joe MacDonald

    Why did you not ask him if tax payers were footing the bill. Pretty soft questions Dan. Very disappointing Dan.

  • Hpnotiq Hp

    fuck this punk. “where do you live” ..fuck does it matter where i live answer the question. am i supposed to be intimated with your fruity “mafia” tactic?

  • 2012spacetraveler

    He is speaking with you so when he gets back to Ottawa he will send the CRA after you, you can look forward to a few years of harassment now, I have no doubt that you will report the harassment here on your channel, it should be fun to see the CRA squirm…

  • tommystock64

    It was all about gaining info to make his future hunting of you much easier !

  • Aaron Beck

    Not surprised to get an arrogant non-response from Bill as he does the same thing in the house of commons. Be careful Dan he was asking way too many questions regarding you and where you live. He is dirty.

  • Marc Ariss

    He works for us, the Canadian citizen. I will be calling his office to ask the same questions Dan did on Monday, I will call everyday until I get an answer (I know Im going to be calling this guy until I die) I suggest other Canadians do the same. Make hiding such a pain in the ass they would rather gouge out their own eyes then attempt it ever again.

  • carl

    TURDeau and this fuck are just zionist illuminati cuck puppets!!! HEY MORE CARBON TAXES FOR US SLAVES !!!! TURDEAU is Castro’s son. The end is near check out Richie from Boston.

  • World Alternative Media

    Incredible work Dan! More than anyone, I was hoping you’d confront Morneau! 😛 When I first confronted him, he had just sold off all of Canada’s gold and 3 days later went to Bilderberg. I’ve been anticipating your confrontation of him. 😛
    Thanks for kicking ass! 😀
    ~ Josh

  • On The Brink by Anthony Mayfield

    Perfect confrontation! Here’s what we’ve come to expect from “public servants”

  • keith bonham

    This clown is a Liberal , even if he would of offered a statement it would have been just like the Liberal statements the Liberals provide in the house of commons, question period. Its the Liberal transparency Junior was talking about during the election . They just want our money & don’t care how they get it.

  • One Truth

    Morneau is a total 100% asshole, a worthless speck on the earth, plotting withe the NWO thugs to PERPETUATE CRIMES ON HUMANITY. He deserves, along with most government officials to be booted out of office. You’re supposed to be working for the majority of us not the ones with the most money!

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