Young Turks FAIL: PizzaGate Investigation Needed

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  • Saintly Oswald

    And also Andrew Breitbart, years ago before he died of course, suggested
    that John Podesta had something pedophilic in his closet. It’s all very
    interesting, but yet it’s still nothing. There needs to be some hard fact.

  • Jeff Oppold

    Does anyone take these fools seriously? Their arrogance is as ugly as their
    ignorance…unwatchable. I don’t watch them but see clips in other vids
    calling them out for their stupidity and personal attacks on anyone who
    doesn’t believe what propaganda they are trying to sell. I just don’t get
    how they are even a thing…who funds them? They can’t have that many
    people subscribe who actually buy what they’re shoveling. Can they?

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