The TPP-11 (CPTPP) And the global trade agenda.

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  • arkangael101

    NZ politics is pathetic, our population is so brainwashed >_< I really hope ppl are waking up because jesus fkn christ our politicians are so obviously corrupt, ffs look at collins, what a fking shit show of a person, like all the others

  • William Billy Shears

    Globalism is already here. It actually started in 1947 after World War 2. America has shifted from a constitutional republic into an empire. This PM in New Zealand sounds like every other PM, except she is a lot “younger” which makes her “appear” more hip. Thanks for the great video Vinny!

  • hal us

    the international mob rules the world. they control every last square inch of corporate owned piece of land on the earth, and the more you keep voting and cheering very loudly for them evil bunch of psychobastards like a bunch of clinically insane idiots, the sooner they will make their new world order be official. and there will be no running away from that, no religious raptures, no second or third comings, no scruples, no nothing.. there will be no history books reminding you that history keeps repeating itself because folks don’t know their friends from their worst enemies. wars will be then explained as dumb peoples killing dumb peoples, because their best friends the worst enemies, said so.. if folks ain’t wakin’ up now from living the illusions within illusions, the AI robot systems will make damn sure they all die in their comatose sleep..

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