Is Bilderberg For or Against Donald Trump?

In this video Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange interviews Mark Anderson from the American Free Press, who has covered the Bilderberg meeting for many years. This is the 65th Bilderberg meeting.

It’s Day 3 of the 2017 Bilderburg Conference, and Anderson lets Luke know who is attending the meeting from Trump’s team.

Anderson brings Dr. Nadia Schadlow to Luke’s attention, saying that Schadlow thinks Russia has “…a big grand master plan to target the West.”

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  • Goat Moag

    I think it may come down to he thinks it better to bend then to break. Ain’t much use to anybody dead. Isn’t beyond though Trump talking out of both sides of his mouth either.

    You tell me who if us would not send representatives to meet with the enemy if the enemy called a parlay? Can’t say I disagreed with anything Mark said, if not said it myself.

  • Ginger Cash

    Russia is Not the enemy. People, wake up the enemy is the Trilateral Commission, the Majestic 12, the Cabal, the Skull & Bones, the Shadow Government, the Deep State, the Alphabet Agencies, the Mossad, and the list goes on and on, not even including the Jesuits and the Italian groups of Dark Mafia. Russia has the same problems we do and Putin has claimed them as a Christian Nation. We need them as Allies. It isn’t Russia that is invading America, it never has been. They have never invaded, bombed, declared war on or attacked America. They were not the enemy in the 50’s and they are not now. That old rhetoric has got to go. It is horse shit, always was.

  • bryon Contreras

    hey I love you guys work keep it up keep the pressure on them it must be time-consuming for you guys to do what you do God bless

  • Immaculate Heart

    Globalists, Jews Bankers Cartel, Greater Israel Project, Bilderberg, New Jews World Disorder (NWO), Masonic Lodge, Illuminati, Freemasonry, Communists, Atheists, Luciferians… are all come from the same root: JEWISH KABBALAH and they against GOD, His Catholic Church and all HUMANITY.

  • allon33

    We can not tell what Trump is, as he is not going to let another know, not yet. That is how smart business people operate.

  • Tomaž Prednik

    Don’t forget that president doesn’t have much power. President is just doing what he his being told by the deep state. So if Trump is doing at least some truble to the bilderbergers is a good sign. He may be able to change some things domestically, but in foreign policy I believe he is just being told what happend and can’t do anything or he would be eliminated. Foreign policy is not run be the president.

  • SolarMechanics

    at what point did u stop believing that both side were the same side ,,,of course they support him they picked him

  • Nachuak

    Trump’s domestic policy is a trick concocted between he,his son in law and Netanyahu. Instead of allowing the continuation of mass immigration at this point they are giving the illusion of stopping it. Building a wall is a ploy to garner sympathy by Americans for apartheid​ in Israel. It makes Israel seem to be in the same boat. Funny considering that Zionist Jew senator Jacob Javitz is the main man responsible for “open the flood gates of immigration” divide and conquer stratragy to end Western culture, policy from 1965.

  • chaos4one

    Is it possible that when Trump told people to hold a rally in Washington, he left for Bilderberg in an unmarked vehicle? Just throwing it out there. Thanks Luke for your work on these issues.

  • Limitless Nothing

    Trump is a Gemini..So he’s always divided in action and has 2 sides. As that famous soldier once said “you never know what you’re gunna get”.

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