James Allsup – College Republican Against Globalism & Cultural Marxism

James Allsup is a YouTube partner, writer, and former political operative. He runs a YouTube political commentary channel with over 100k subscribers, writes for The Liberty Conservative, and was the Senior Adviser for the Students for Trump organization in the 2016 election cycle. He is a senior at Washington State University and former chairman of the Washington College Republicans Federation.

James joins us for a lively discussion on globalism, Trump, the Alt-Right, and much more. We first discuss James’ background, including how he came to be involved in politics. This leads to a discussion on the current state of American universities. James fills us in on the recent insanity at Evergreen State, where White students and professors have been terrorized for refusing to submit to the demands of social justice warriors. Switching gears, we discuss the pitfalls of democracy, the reality of identity politics, and the red-pilling effect Leftist academia is having on students. The first hour concludes with a discussion on Donald Trump, the Alt-Lite, and how criticizing blue-haired feminists will only take us so far.

In the members’ hour, we give some consideration to the theories regarding the murder of Seth Rich. We examine some of the evidence, which James finds to be cause for suspicion. We then discuss diversity. James notes that the logical conclusion of diversity is simply fewer Whites – not a multicultural utopia. Later, we discuss globalism, and the elite’s efforts to destroy true diversity through the mass mixing of cultures. James then argues that this, combined with anti-White propaganda, is convincing non-Whites to blame everything on White people. The members’ hour explores a number of other topics, including the future of Rebel Media.

Guest’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIZBXVGIJoJMXf8giib0IiQ

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About The Author



    The whole message of this video: there can only be ONE dominant high IQ racial cultural group in any country in order for there to be no or minimal racial tensions between other sub groups within the same country. This is why America somewhat worked in the 20th century. Once that majority high IQ group (whites) become an overall minority then there will be chaos and a fight for government control, jobs, resources etc. There is no way around this.

  • slasher 4433

    Hopefully all the white students who were forced to stay home that day at evergreen got a wake up call from the incident. Incidents like this cause the right to swell in numbers. So in a way you could say incidents like this are a good thing as the leftwing lunatics are recruiting for us, and I must say, it’s working out quite nicely.

    I’ve witnessed a huge surge in right wingers over the past 5 years. It’s a blessing.

  • Ascending Stargazer

    What an insane time to be alive. Everything he said I’ve agree with. I used to be a fervent Libertarian, but found myself veering further to the right. I couldn’t vote for Gary Johnson. No way. We had too much to lose in the last election! Cultural Marxism is the root cause of societal decay! Traditional Nationalism is beneficial to every society. Japan proves it can be maintained.

  • Truth Storian

    The more multi ethnic and divided places are the less attention people will pay to an ethnic group serving their own best interests on an entirely different level than everyone else. The “GLOBALIST” ethnic group.

    Globalism started with one family opening branches of the same bank in different nations 200 years ago. Many other families from the same Jewish ethnicity caught on and mimicked this business approach. A century later it was so ingrained within this tightly knit ethnic group they were interconnected on high levels in all westernized (and some Eastern) nations. They used it in WWI and WWII to acquire Israel physically at the expense of the nations they PRETENDED to be a part of. The potential financial collapse of the United States and outstanding 20 trillion dollar debt (10 of it just in the last 8 years) is in no small part because of this, the destabilization of the Middle East is 100% because of this, and the Muslimization, division, and long term utter ruin of Europe is because of this. Globalization? Ha! More like manipulate and suck the world dryization for only one very small and manipulative little nation causing all this dysfunction just to solidify their own little ethnostate for themselves.

  • Kratos Schwarzenegger

    Race relations weren’t as bad in the 50’s because America was 90% white, and the races were segregated.

  • buenos

    the objectives and issues you describe are important, but I think the largest problem is how to neutralize white hating white leftist traitors. especially in the media establishment. they are entrenched in their believes and cannot convinced with anything. so find ways to force them out.

  • Jay

    Why in the hell are you “OK” with Blacks pushing for Black people’s interests in a White nation? And even worse, why are you “OK” with Mexicans, criminal invaders, pushing for Mexican’s interests in a White nation? If you are OK with all of this, then you are the problem, James, because you have surrendered to the paradigm of White Genocide. Multiculturalism within a single nation is an oxymoron, an impossibility, and it is not what White people want in their lands.

  • Fred Fact

    This is to Henrik or Lana. Have you ever had Finnish writer and activist Kai Murros on? He’s a great person and I’d like to hear an interview with him. Just an idea.

  • Natural Selection

    The Jews control the narrative in the United States and in a way control the United States. They own the media, the federal reserve, Israeli lobby, top government positions, Hollywood, etc… The true leaders of a democracy are the ones controlling the narrative.

  • Its ok to be white

    Henrik is a hero. Thanks for an honest coverage of white advocacy and interests. True journalism here.

  • JT Westvold

    I like Milo and Paul Joseph Watson but they don’t go far enough. We need more race realists speaking the truth around the country. Richard Spencer is a good start. Maybe James could fill the niche.

  • keith mccann

    Brilliant Interview,,,,,,,,NOW BRING ON BRENDON O’CONNEL, Help support Australia’s one man army!

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