Cathy Scott : Tupac & Biggie / Joe Sacco DNC Dellegate


Joe Sacco gives his first hand account of what is going on at DNC, uncensored. He describes what is not being reported on Fox, MSNBC or CNN. His first hand account confirms many of the reports were are seeing online. Such as manhandling and physical abuse of Sen Sanders, injuries to the Senators face, walk outs, harassment of Bernie delegates, use of seat fillers, a morning paper ballot vote.
Mr Sacco’s first hand eye witness accounts differ greatly from what we are seeing and hearing reported in main stream media.


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  • moodmuzik

    awesome guess ed. love tupac. and cathy scott is the original investigator
    in the muders. i thrilled you booked her. love her. she was first to
    publish the autopsy photo. tupac im afraid is dead and has been for 20
    years. orlando anderson the crip they beat down an hour befor killed him.
    and was then killed himself 6 months later. biggie was retaliation. and
    done with suges hand. fascinating topic. shoulda booked whole 2 hours.
    anyway thank ed. listen to all your shows. sometimes audios jacked on
    iheart radio. kinda frustrating. tupac gone 20 years in September. times
    flies. rip pac!

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