CNN Religious Go To Guy & Theresa May GO CRAZY! What Really Happened.

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you another recap video of the latest breaking news. Today we get into Theresa May wanting to regulate the internet, Reza Aslan CNN’s religious go to guy, major geopolitical news, and a lot more.

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  • truth4wtc7

    Luke, I love ya dude,… but I got to tell ya,… that wood plague of the AR-15/WeAreChange logo hanging on the wall over your left shoulder,… has a heart inside of a heart,… which is,… (correct me if I’m wrong)… one of those symbols on the F.B.I.’s published images child crime insignias,… like “little boy lover”… or “MK-Ultra’d” … something along those lines, I can’t recall which one it was but it was definitely on their list! PLEASE look into it… I’m not joking.

  • victrola13

    These are all Gladio B-style false flag attacks. Ole Dammegard really covers it well. It is all meant to get Teresa May elected and promote the NATO NWO agenda.


    Didn’t the Belgium killers skip over the internet and phone traffic to avoid detection?
    Theresa May can keep pissing into the wind but all she’ll get is wet feet.

  • whykhr

    This Muslim invasion is really just a clever False Flag type of operation, orchestrated by the Globalist Bankster Elites and the terrorists are really just being used as agent provocateurs in order to provide justification for onerous acts of government, i.e. extreme censorship of media & internet (happening already), another invasion or war, extreme surveillance state, micro-chip IDs for everyone, destruction of labor unions, cashless society, continued Drug War, diversion from populist public policy i.e. QE for the People, make it easier for them to slip in their onerous so-called Trade Deals that overrule national sovereignty, like the TPP, TTIP, TISA, and more.

    British Intelligence created the Saudi Wahhabi dictatorship as a way to gain total control over Saudi Oil by their British Big Oil companies. First Britain, then the Nazis during WWII and after WWII the CIA all embraced radical Islamic Fascism as an easy way to control the massive Oil & Gas wealth of the Middle East, and further used them to foment trouble for the Soviets in Afghanistan and since then in Islamic regions of Russia and China. And now fanatical Islamic invasion is being used as a type of False Flag Operation to assert total control over Europe by the Oligarchs. Watch freedom of speech, democratic rights, internet freedom, electoral choice all disappear in the EU as a planned response to inevitable grievous acts of Islamic Terrorism. The Oligarchs, the Ultra-Rich Elites all just adore Islamic Fascism, it is their ideal of an absolute dictatorship that demands total obedience from the population of lowly serfs.

  • doos burger

    When did eng and us become such pussys dum fuckers u could fuck into any country now ur selling them weapons and supporting this shit wtf fuck nuts

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