Paradigm Shift Central: Weekly Game Updates (06/05/17)
A real world game to help shift consciousness.
Creating conscious media and a global team of Shifters and Paradigm Shift Communities.

Stay in synched with the global game. Check the new Game Updates to learn about whats new, whats upcoming, and how to be involved.

Key Notes:

– Game relaunch successful. New platform allows more dynamic communication and organization as a team. Thinking of PSC as a conscious media production company, among many other things.

– Watch the previous broadcast for new website features and overview.
– June 1, Team Building Broadcast:

– New Shift Teams Work Period happening Mondays between 9am – 4pm EST. Created to organize focus as a team towards accomplishing Shift Team Assignments related to creation of conscious media and the evolution of the project for the community. Watch the Work Period Broadcast for June 5th at

– Next Live Broadcast: Full Moon Team Building Hangout, Thurs, June 8, 2017.

– New Shift Teams added. Join the Shift Teams that align with your interests and skills.
– Animations Team
– Conscious Articles Team
– Conscious Memes Team
– Dreams Team
– Mental Health Team
– Mobile App Team
– Music Team
– Reality Encyclopedia Team
– Social Media Tactics Team
– Video Production Team

Shift Mission: Think about what you would need to do to create a Paradigm Shift Community where you are, and how that feels to do so.


Team Patreon currently at 705ish of our next milestone of 800.
Add your support for the team and get your Shifter Booster Kit.

Thanks again to everyone for being involved. Please jump in the live chat when you get a chance to let me know that you saw this message.

Connect to my facebook at

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