Karl Rove Iraq War “ABSOLUTELY” Worth It, Gets Called A War Criminal!

In this video Luke Rudkowski randomly see’s Karl Rove walking around the perimeter of the Democratic National Convention so he decides to ask him an important question. Over 10 years from the fact was the Iraq war worth it and the former George W. Bush presidential advisor said Absolutely.

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  • e efilysp

    He looks like a pig, literally, and he murdered millions, including
    children. This murderous pig should be eaten, and shit out from a bunch of
    putrid assholes. You son of putrid whore.

  • Sharon Queen

    Haha!! Yeah he got pissed off at Alex Jones at the airport, called security
    on him to…he’s a jerk..I told my mom he was going for Hillary & she’s
    didn’t believe me, said no he’s a die hard democrat, so I told her you’ll
    hear about it..maybe!!! :-)

  • B H

    Check out the letter posted on FB page under William Oren Adams which
    posted a letter written to Obama and Vice Pres Biden in regard to a murder
    her suspect Karl Rove involved in. The post date is Friday @ 1:26am. It is
    an attorney letter to President Obama & Vive Pres Biden. His client
    suspects VP Biden’s son was murdered (not the story they presented). It is
    really long and deep. The attorney is alerting the Pres & VP of his
    client’s murder and others which may be involved….Karl Rove being in the
    mix somehow.

  • Amanda Burke

    So I have an observation that the MSM is failing to shed any light on. Is
    it not a dangerous combination to have the “first man” (or whatever phoney
    title they will give Bill) as a former president? The First Lady is often
    given unprecedented access and can often be in an advisory role. So if Bill
    is whispering in Hillary’s ear, could this not be a conflict of interest?

  • Antonio Howard

    “I work for fox” What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I have feet, so
    what. Does that mean he is immune to answering questions? Its not like
    mainstream media actually use journalists anymore.

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