Natural Gas Advocates Tour Canada As Countless People Lose Their Jobs

Josh Sigurdson speaks with Alan Yu, the founder and chairman of ‘Fort St. John For LNG’ who is touring across Canada with a group of men and women who’ve been affected or simply care about raising awareness of the massive loss of jobs people in the natural gas and oil industry are facing, especially in Fort St. John, British Columbia. The advocates stood outside the Winnipeg Convention Center as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke inside.
Trudeau has not been kind to an industry that happens to be the backbone of so many communities across Canada and a major part of the Canadian economy as he takes a more “politically correct” position against any kind of fossil fuel. Alan Yu says he’s not looking for handouts, he simply wants the government to say yes to an LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) plant in the North/West. Of course with Notley in Alberta and Trudeau in Ottawa, there has been a controlled collapse of the oil and natural gas industry instead of a fair market demand bridge to other forms of energy. Because it’s a force manipulation of the markets, it’s basically pulling the rug out from underneath so many hard workers who are now left with almost nothing to support their families.
Alan will be driving to Ottawa to drive a message to Justin Trudea that they need jobs and the government should stop attacking hard working people.
Fort St. John for LNG has already met with countless politicians and groups across Canada on their journey, including the group and even meeting with Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister.

We thank Alan Yu and the whole crew at Fort St. John for LNG for their passion and hard work!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Alan Yu
Josh Sigurdson

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John Doull
Josh Sigurdson

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  • ndn player settler games

    wow. alternative media? you forgot to ask what the process is in extracting
    lng or bitumin. also, what it means to grassroots first Nations people.
    research the history of settler society and the acts and legislation and
    proclamations made in the 1800’s. slavery is abolished, no?

  • sunwarz

    We do need to clean up our environment, we have other ways, force the
    governments to disclose free energy resources, so we can create work by
    spending money on jobs cleaning up the environment and return to living
    with nature preserving it, that includes sustainable logging and mining as
    well! We cant allow corporations to keep destroying our planet, in favor of
    working for them for currency they can print out of the air! Their money is
    as free, but we have to enslave ourselves to them to get it, Free energy
    and the technology they have suppressed over the last 75 years would be the
    first step in not needing to work for them, we could work for ourselves and
    our families and our communities and our country and our planet! We are
    wasting our precocious lives on them, and they are using us as their
    resources! We don’t need corporations or governments this big on our
    planet, we all know what is right and what to do, we don’t need to depend
    or answer to them any longer! We must take the world back into our control,
    and evolve into what we are, not what they want us to be , their slave
    worker bees , buzzing around and exhausting ourselves mentally physically ,
    so we can have a nice life and a few toys, when we should be spending time
    with our families and enjoying and contributing to a fabulous paradise! Its
    called living people! We need to live again! We just have to decide to! Its
    your choice, give up and take their bait, or suffer for a bit, and make it
    right for our future generations and our planet! We could move forward so
    fast with hidden technology, what a future it would be if it was not
    controlled by any one , but free for all to enjoy and use and share! Not a
    new world order but a global transition! No more leaders, just positions,
    of trust , which change every 2 years! No power to make laws or to enforce
    them! Each community makes its own laws according to its individual needs !
    Murder, rape, kidnapping, stealing, slavery, and fraud should be the only
    laws made accountable for!

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