David Yorkshire – Mjolnir: Art of the Right – Hour 1

David Yorkshire is the pen name of an academic and teacher who has lived and worked in several European countries. He is also a published poet and is the editor of Mjolnir Magazine, a print magazine he created to showcase the Eurocentric illiberal arts. David joins us to share his views regarding the state of art in modern society and his vision for Mjolnir and Western culture. He begins by outlining the path that led him to abandon politics and work towards a revival of vibrant, traditional European creativity in response to the leftist propaganda permeating the arts. We discuss deconstruction theory and how the mentally perverted ruling elite have sponsored several generations’ worth of contemporary anti-art. David describes what he calls a “revolutionary traditionalist” ideology, and he reasons where conservatives, progressives and liberal leftists have danced around their radical ideals to the point of stamping out the primal instinct to preserve, protect and procure indigenous Eurocentric values. David also offers some criticisms of British Nationalist organizations and their methods of activism, and he gives suggestions for changing the social discourse through making art and engaging people in traditional, parallel structures. In the members’ segment, we consider the innate desire to admire traditional, classical and beautiful art and the small minority that finds the leftist garbage art appealing. David talks about the elitist nature of truly great art, where extraordinary excellence offers the average human a pinnacle of achievement to strive towards. We look at the pervasiveness of European creative intelligence throughout history and the contradictory Eurocentric view that all of humanity values intelligence equally. We reflect on the disappearance of hero worship in today’s cultural reference frame, abandoned for the celebration of the victim and underdog. David emphasizes the need for embracing the spirit of our ancestors, who achieved great mental strength through honing artistic skills. Then, we debate the importance of aesthetics in defeating the nihilist war on national identity. Later, David speaks to the importance of mainstream film in molding the masses, subversive Semitic messages in the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings trilogies, and the rise of radical leftist comedy in the 1970s.

Authors website: http://www.mjolnirmagazine.com/

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  • fictitiousarts

    The artists who rebelled against the first world war in Europe were
    rebelling against a system of logic that is nihilistic, not seeking to
    emulate it in any way beyond illustrating it’s effects on the culture. If
    you’re entire world was turned upside down by war and you didn’t have a pot
    to piss in, a urinal is worth more than Nationalist rhetoric. I find the
    work of the Dadaists invaluable to my understanding of art. I cannot stand
    traditional art and find it nothing more than propaganda for the State.
    Norman Rockwell and Raymond Loewy created images that are no different than
    the Soviet propaganda posters of the early 20th Century.

    • TreeHuggerLtd

      +Michele Vick Its weird that you just said echo chamber. Because I used
      that phrase a number of times in my latest video.

      I for one, do not intend to echo the same sentiments that echo around me.
      I will say what I have to say regardless of how small a change it is.

      I do believe that the butterfly effect can affect the resonance in the echo

    • Michele Vick

      Today’s are is nothing more than voices in an echo chamber of
      internationalist oligarchs. Go watch the art 21 series. The same message
      repeated over and over again…

  • James Jones

    i was an artist once….they tryed to push the left head on me…but it
    wasn’t working…so they cut me lose….they so funny..left and right same
    same same old game

  • LookUpFool!

    Great show Henrik. Been a fan since your beginnings. Could you please do
    shows on the Armenian, Russian, & Ukrainian genocides committed by Crypto
    Jews, ‘The Young Turks’ & Bolsheviks? I think it may help reactionary
    fence-sitters to understand the reason we focus so much on the issue of
    jewish supremacism & their keen ability to feign victimhood &
    control(censor) these important historical genocides. Lenin’s 1921 famine,
    in which almost as many millions died as did under the Holdomor, is largely
    ignored. Some estimate 6 million died in 1921, & 7-10 million in 1932.
    I’d also like to hear from Rev. Ted Pike, who did some phenomenol work
    shedding light on Talmudic judaism a decade ago. He’s getting old & hasnt
    been very active since his wife died.

  • vermilion J

    This is great, I am hoping to make a career as a painter / draughtsman and
    I have been thinking about how I can possibly survive as an artist with
    integrity in this satanic sham of a society.

  • TreeHuggerLtd

    Pop art sucks. As an artist myself, I have begun orienting myself towards
    defeating all the mainstream bullshit. We need a revival of realism.

    • Ted Striker

      +TreeHuggerLtd Realism is primitive art. The language of art is a language
      in its own right and it is by its nature abstract. Abstract art is the
      pinnacle of art. To say art needs to realistically depict nature would be
      similar to demanding Mozart add words to all his musical pieces, because
      they are not intelligible otherwise.

    • 1Fireskull

      +TreeHuggerLtd …. Post-modern art is plain and soulless. For thousands of
      years, indigenous Europeans must their whole heart and mind with great
      passion into their art. Now the buildings are plain boxes, the paintings
      are childish, and the sculptures require the skill of a person with a low
      I.Q. Native Europeans will have a new awakening which will be greater than
      any in history.

    • Jim Smith

      +TreeHuggerLtd What, you don’t like painted pink bricks that represent
      turning hard stuff soft? God! You’re just not cool man! You’re on the wrong
      side of history.

    • English Bloke

      +Remi Henri Royer Why can’t they get what they want? What is the point in
      being part of a nation if one is unhappy and constantly belittled. What I
      detest is that we cannot simply hold a position that is respected , but we
      must constantly justify our every belief as if we were under interrogation
      . They want liberalism , fine , then have their own country and we’ll have
      ours. Just because they want this shit , *we* must have it also? Why? It’s
      time for a physical split between left and right , we want borders.

    • Remi Henri Royer

      +D Bruce Unfortunately a lot of the common White Nationalist rhetoric I see
      on forums like Stormfront and VNN isn’t interesting either such as the
      constant wish oriented statements like “Why can’t Muslims just go back to
      the Middle East?” This is the same thing as a child saying “Why can’t I get
      what I want?”

  • TheBearWoman

    The Germans were right to go with the Arts & Crafts imo but not the
    neo-classical stuff which only glorifies the state. But then again, they
    were a reich after all I guess. I admire them so very much for their noble
    intentions, but to me a lot of what they did was disastrous.

  • TheBearWoman

    +LookUpFool! Speaking of famines, there’s an article on the B B C today
    about how silly the Irish were to depend on the potato. That pesky truth
    keeps seeping out. Damage control. Sorry not to put this in a reply, but
    jootube won’t let me.

  • Clover GreenPath

    To destroy true art is to destroy the human spirit which is exactly what
    the ruling elite attempt to do. I am not speaking of only the visual arts,
    they also want to destroy music, dance, writing…
    An example of this mindset is in the book, The Protocols of the Elders of

  • Albion Myway

    Very good. I suggest putting table of contents listings and some photos of
    the interior spreads on the website, so people know more about what they’re
    getting. General point: I know several people who are artists, working in a
    traditional style, often with romantic and heroic fantasy/historical
    themes. They are not degenerate ‘modernists’, in terms of artistic output.
    And yet – and yet- they are all bloody Leftists! They are all cheerleading
    for the ‘progressive’ issue of the day, and falling for all the propaganda.
    I don’t know how to explain or do anything about this seeming disconnect.
    Perhaps because artists often have an uncertain income they like the idea
    of a welfare state for a safety net… But that doesn’t explain going along
    with all the SJW bullshit that is poisonous to traditional European
    culture, or the cucking for hostile foreign cultures and other races . I’d
    rather these people were making ‘Piss-Christ’ than drawing Saxon warriors,
    it would at least be consistent with their avowed politics. It’s not like
    these people are fresh-faced idealists straight out of college, either,
    some of them are well into middle age. I suppose they must have led
    sheltered lives.

    • Howard Phillips

      +Albion Myway I’ve ordered both issues and hate to say I was quite
      disappointing. #2 was certainly a improvement on the first but still
      lacking. If you want some scans get a hold of me. My Wife is having
      chemotherapy this week so I may not respond promptly.

  • MrCool Mug

    It is ironic that the middle class champagne socialists are the ones who
    advocate communist ideas, and yet they come from the very people who
    created capitalism, the merchant class.

  • rutrem09

    obviously here a lot of people do not understand what the “left” means and
    stand for. Those you call “leftist” are actual liberal-capitalist…if
    thair would be leftist,we would have syndicates that actually works,full
    employment,better social and health security, better scouls…al over EU.
    Something that was normal in USSR for example.

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