Sheriff Wants Power to Detain Over Social Media Posts – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Sheriff In Florida Shooting Calls For Power To Detain Over Social Media

Florida Sheriff Scott Israel Pleads For ‘Power’ To Detain People For Social Media Threats

Broward Sheriff: Detain People Over Social Media

#TwitterLockout Claims Hundreds of “Conservative” Users Falsely Named Bots

‘Bad News’, The Game Researchers Hope Will “Vaccinate” Public Against Fake News

Story #2: Proposed Changes to Mining Royalties Precedes Latest Push Into Congo

Africa’s Broken Heart: Congo Is Sliding Back To Bloodshed – How To Stop a Catastrophe

Proposed Mining Code Upsets Miners In The DRC

Apple and Samsung Suppliers Linked to Child Labor In Africa, Report Says

Story #3: Lockheed Martin Got $35B From Taxpayers Last Year

F-35: How Lockheed Swindles Taxpayers

Lockheed Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

6 US Cities Tamper With Traffic Cameras For Profit

Flashback: Revenue Drives Red Light Cameras, Not Safety (July 2001)

Flashback: Massachusetts Sacrifices Safety So Police Can Write More More Tickets (Sep. 20, 2011)

#GoodNewsNextWeek: New Life For Old Records

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  • Scott Wasinski

    This was a loaded episode. Certainly one of the most pertinent impacting episodes I’ve seen yet. I will look forward to April. Hopefully Sheriff Israel’s request isn’t fast tracked and I’ll still be in my long leash to be able to view the next week of this new world👍

  • Invisible Prison

    And how many times was the FBI shown this guy’s social media posts and did nothing? But now we need to make sweeping draconian laws??

  • Saqib Nawaz

    He could b right against his bomb issues r any terror related issues,dats enough he should better hold his horses just right there,don’t try 2 add up any other stuff

  • RoseThistleArtworks

    Everyone’s account can be hacked. If someone wants to harass or control someone else and they are able to hack into someone’s social media, what could that lead to?

  • Moyra Hoffmann

    This married Sheriff has a seventeen year old girlfriend who he impregnated and demanded she abort the child it’s really sleazy the whole thing and he should be locked away for statutory rape.

  • Seal-ed

    With the current American sentiment at large, I have to seriously question if Sheriff “Israel” has enough space to park everyone who voices their true feelings on social media. I wanna grow up and be a “cereal” killer too. I can put away some Lucky Charms big time!

  • KELLI2L2

    Of course they want more power to make legal what they’re doing now Illegally …
    Be very afraid of police having the power to Baker Act people…
    *Recent news report on THAT Sheriffs Dept ~ there was a Sheriffs deputy on duty at the school when the shooting started. He was outside and did not go inside. He was relieved of duty with NO pay ~ he quit.*

  • RideTheWind

    The only way this will even begin to stop is to begin gathering info on the CEOs of these companies like Lockheed Martin and their families, other biz ties, friends etc etc and let them start to feel like their very lives are threatened and maybe even carry out some threats against them. It is not good enough to stop these people and then just let them walk off into the sunset living high on the hog from their murderous proceeds. They need to be punished. Any action to stop them needs to be punitive and painful to them. These people re a real threat to us and our families, children etc and we need to become a threat to them and theirs point blank.

  • Kim Jameson

    Odds are good that “professional” mental health exams of any random person singled out will find an element of concern. We’d be better off to require all political candidates to complete an MMPI before being allowed to run. Identifying and barring sociopaths in our Government seems sort of important to me. Just thinkin’…

  • Nick Brown

    James.. So if your site and videos are in the official “fake news” list. How long until your on the “mental health risk list”

  • Charlieboy Saldivar

    I subbed/subscribed!
    Great content! Great presentation!
    I prey that these things do not happen because the power he seeks is not one power over me I would want to give to him! You feel me? I feel you dudes! Orale! What a crazy mess! In the twenty first century!

  • Timothy Price

    The Sheriff may have been part of the shooting event. School security may have been instructed to stand down so false flag could proceed. Urgent Message to The Next Generation/Deception and Death. – YouTube

  • annebeck58

    The worst part, James, is that so many people will agree with the sheriff, “Israel”.
    This country is so screwed. I’m getting to the point in which I really want OUT.

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