The Neo-neocons and Cold war 2.0 – James Corbett on The Vin Armani Show


Today James appears on The Vin Armani Show to discuss open source intelligence, the neo-neocon push for Cold War 2.0, and how a false dialectic is pushing us toward regional government.


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  • ɴ-ʟɪɢʜᴛ-ɴ ᴅᴇᴇᴘ ɢʀᴇᴇɴ

    Corbett’s research on the topic of 9/11 as staged domestic terror is on par
    with *Architects & Engineers*. His mode of reasoning seem to always hold up
    in a hypothetical courtroom.

  • jabbermocky

    So far the cabinet picks have 3 particular things in common: They’re all
    mega-rich, oppressive and regressive. Not boding well for the ordinary
    citizens of any nation on Earth.

  • kroikye

    If you dont even Mention FREEMASONRY, the JESUITS, the 1500 yearold ”
    Mother of Harlots ” in Rome Uniting All Religions for the coming New World
    Order…..I dont know ? I wouldnt call him a Shill but you have to be a
    BLIND Man not to see the Huge role of the Vatican System, the Oldest Man
    made System in the World. And the Vatican STILL hat the Same Ambition for
    Global Dominance like they had in Europe during the DARK AGES. Anyway DO
    YOUR OWN RESEARCH and get Born Again, God bless.

  • Cabronosidad

    32.00. “So whether or not it was hacking that got Trump into the White
    House …..” This guy’s a fucking idiot.

  • Ani Queija

    This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. When the ban was lifted on
    domestic propaganda in 2012 we got an indication that psy-ops and fake news
    were going to be dominating the corporate media machine..Cheers…jp

  • roger Brownfield

    Trump is following the same list of countries to invade that General Wesley
    Clark told us all about in 2007. Trump will only pick up the CFR agenda
    where Bush and Obama left off. Iran needs a regime change after all. Watch,
    Iran Iran Iran they will begin telling us how bad Iran is soon enough.

  • Lynn Allan Kelly

    The reason human beings keep cycling through these same manipulations where
    only the “bad guys” change is because the institutions controlled by the
    top work very diligently to keep the vast majority locked into left brain
    thinking and therefore a left brain existence … a very easily manipulated
    existence of which the US presidential cycle 2016 was an excellent example.

  • True Dat

    Honestly so many people believe isis is real. I heard there’s a new group
    they are making up next. Isis is cia. Why doesn’t anyone reveal this to the
    world?!!!!!! please answer.

  • True Dat

    also, do yall believe the neocons are satanic?? I keep.hearing this and I
    thought only the crazys believe in “satan” but if so this is massive amount
    of people.

  • Mikro Plasm

    OMG some MSM news brought Kissinger up to use against trump? Have they lost
    their fucking minds?? I live in lemmingland damnit!!!

  • Meta Vinci

    The standard argument (1978-2001) for global intervention had been that we
    were securing US economic stability (oil) . We now know that means securing
    the one percents (oil, MIC, Agra, Pharma) economic prosperity at all cost,
    war and regime change. I foresee a huge anti American backlash in the next
    decade if we don’t change course.

  • angel Midnight-girl

    Mr Corbett- *you just broke my heart* 💔. I thought you were brilliantly
    expressing important issues-(from all angles). YOUR KILLARY VOTE- tells me
    there is a big gap in your *Common Sense* and adversely *not* reporting on
    issues meaningful to me – i.e. CIA gun running, Clinton Foundation, Podesta
    emails, *major criminal acts* under KILLARY ‘s watch.
    If you can *overlook* 30+years of corruption and vote for the HILDERBEAST-
    goodness-I’m out of here.

  • malus911

    There will be no nuclear confrontation. Its all just sabre rattling. No one
    will start launching nukes, unless TPTB need one dropped to further their
    agenda. Like the old cold war, its a distraction, money grab, power grab.
    This story has been told before and people need to wise up to these false

  • Liberty Infinite

    Instead of building a zero state society, we are still talking about other
    things. James Corbett doesn’t want Liberty, nor does anyone else. Everybody
    wants to talk. We need to build zero state living. Talking does not fucking
    work humanity. Change the system or stfu

  • Juan De Salas

    wasn’t the interviewer on the show called “Gigolos” on showtime, lol? just
    saying I wouldn’t expect him to turn on a new leaf…especially on this
    subject. Nice.

  • Tim Pize

    Particularly interesting interview, both regarding the questions and the
    answers. You should do this more often with Vin Armani, James. 👍

  • G-man

    wow vin really doesnt get it
    james explains why there targeting russia and he comes back again to the
    point about countries ideologies being the same
    who cares ! thats not the reason and never is

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