Twitter Facebook MSM and CPD Cover Up Hate Crime in Chicago

As the Breaking news develops about a special needs man who was kidnapped and brutalized on facebook live for being white and supposedly supporting Donald Trump by four criminals. We give you the initial response that is shocking from the main stream media, Chicago police department, facebook and twitter.

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  • nixietee

    Dylann Roof was a kid. He made just a stupid decision. Just goofing around
    with his Glock. Give him a slap on the wrist and let him free.

  • Meta Vinci

    Further Proof that all MSM is fake news. It’s almost comical how blatant
    they are, how recklessly they promote their divisive rhetoric and ‘try to’
    suppress anything that might discredit their narrative. That might work for
    my 70-80 y/o parents but not us all who will be voting 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, and
    20 Years or more into the future because we have woken up. Turn off your
    MSM, stop clicking their fake news links. Divest from big banks, buy local
    and stop giving them our money.

  • holtman2012

    someone should do a fake video, acting out the exact same scene, only with
    whites attacking a black, making racial slurs and exchanging Trump with
    Obama, in Chicago.. USING ACTORS. .. watch the msm go nuts… total

  • Daniel Kim

    when will this censorship and bs come to an end so that no more people have
    to suffer like this. Seriously what has people turned into this days…

  • Sean Ryan

    not only is it a hate crime but isn’t it considered terrorism when you try
    to violently manipulate situations for political reasons?

  • Harry Thomas

    Just as the leftist libtards demonstrating against Donald Trump caused
    previously non political Americans to go out and vote for the first time
    for Trump. These racist acts against white people are making previously non
    biased white people choose sides. The more the main stream media and law
    enforcement cover up these black on white hate crimes, the more the ranks
    of white nationalist continue to swell. It’s ironic that the leftist
    establishment has done more to recruit white people into the ranks of
    racist groups than the KKK could ever do.

  • Hector Franco

    listen im a spanish male (dominican) but im sick and tired how people using
    the race “card” to talk shit left and right. i know for fact if this was a
    ” person of color” we would never hear the end of. im glad we got a channel
    like this one that calls it how it is.

  • papapapist

    This video plays right into the divide and conquer agenda. Im sure many
    triggered idiots will feel the need to kidnap a blm moron now….

  • Phillip Fillmore

    It’s only a hate crime if it fits the ms media’s narrative. It it’s white
    on black hate crime. If it’s black on white or any other. No big deal.
    Nothing to see here. Business as usual. Divide and conquer. United we stand
    divided we fall. 

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