Putin Exposes The Deep State, An End to Water Fluoridation?

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you a weekly wrap up on the latest breaking news. We go over the President of Russia’s Vladimir Putin comments on the current state of affairs in the U.S, the latest price of bitcoin, the future of the internet and a lot more.

Water Fluoridation lawsuit

Interview with youngest Bilderberger

Guardian article

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  • john felton

    oh that is really messed up because the throwing of bodily fluids onto a person is aggravated assault and is a felony offense. now there are many good cops but the sad thing is a lot of them are a bang orders from higher-ups telling them to let this go on because their higher-ups are being paid by the elites.

  • conspiracyminstrel

    Too many times I’ve seen the cops turn the other cheek! This has to stop or these little ninja fucking wimps will think they can get away with murder!

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    so wait! wasn’t one of the UK policemen stabbed and sent to the hospital by one of the terrorist,? which was reported to be muslim? why then are the police not protecting each other? instead they’re gonna police Facebook and protect political correctness!!! what a shame!!..and a sham!

  • Roland Vetter

    Your not old enough to understand this, but a long time ago I got stoned and watched Barbarella, it all makes sense now.

  • TimmayFilms

    1. You know the answer to this one. Why not just say that the mayor of New York is a Soros/Bankston crony who wants these paid miscreant provocateurs to be protected and flourish. Regarding the police: “As above, so below.

  • Lincolnfrees

    If you watch ILLUMINATI WIFE TELLS ALL (8 hour interview in 4 parts) Kay Griggs says why we’re in Afghanistan! To watch over our Opium Feilds, like you brought up. EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH HER INTERVIEW! Ivy League Princeton Graduate, Head of The National Foreign Greeting Committe, married to Col. George Griggs of The USMC, who would get hammered at dinner, spilling the beans to his wife. AWESOME INFO IN THAT INTERVIEW. You will trip out. You can tell she’s a bit nervous. She’s very parched, yet remains focuses, detailed, believable and poignant. She said after doing the interview her life was probably going to be in danger & she was prepared to lose it in order to get the truth out. Secret Societies, Cherry Officers, Rising Stars, all involving homosexual rituals in order to become part of “them”, INCLUDING Skull & Bones, Bush Sr & Jr’s “Private Club” on Campus. I could not stop listening to her. Mind blowing stuff!!!

  • X YZ

    You should really support Trump, you want to reject him but he’s what you are fighting for. You are so short sighted.

  • Jillian Murray

    This guy is a Nancy boy I wish someone would throw piss on me or hit or anything Punks jump up to get beat down f protesting it proves and fixes nothin boycott and riots are better and I wouldn’t promote violence but enough is enough man these antifa people are just paid distractions

  • judy horberg

    You need to see if Anna Von Reitz will do an interview. We need to know how to put our cars and DNA in the indemnity policy too. Thanks hun

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