Suriname Faced With High Inflation Rate – IMF Gives Country Loan… At A Price

The South American dutch country of Suriname is facing the 4th highest inflation rate on Earth, but of course there’s little coverage in the media outside of the country. Author and economic analyst John Sneisen and Josh Sigurdson break down what’s happening and why inflation is such an issue.
The inflation rate in Suriname is currently 36.6% which is causing countless problems for so many hard working people in the country. The global paper money empire continues to affect countries around the globe and it’s incredibly important to understand how this kind of stuff happens so that people don’t repeat the same problems over and over again expecting different results.
The IMF has just gone through with handing over a loan of 478 million dollars to the country of Suriname at a price. That price is widening the social net in the country which is another way of saying there needs to be more government intervention and manipulation. Well considering that central bank and government central planning has lead to this issue, it’s absurd to believe that more of that will solve the problem. Again, the IMF is pushing this globalist narrative of more coercive manipulation of the markets, fighting fire with kerosene.
As this unfolds, it’s important to point out how this relates to the global paper money ponzi scheme that’s destroying economies (and lives) throughout the world.

We will update you on this story as it further elapses.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

John Thore Stub Sneisen
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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    what do you think guys, since China is now in the IMF , Brazil has a reset
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