MASS EXODUS From Venezuela! – The Inevitable End Of Fiat (Freedom Minute)

Josh Sigurdson does another freedom minute update! In this quick report, Venezuela is witnessing a massive exodus as hyperinflation reaches its inevitable end. Oil workers are starving and the country has for the most part run out of paper to print passports.
People are forced to break into zoos for food and Maduro has handed out rabbits for people to raise and eat.

Once again, another example of why we have to stand as individuals rather than giant centralized collectives under the boot of state.

Stay tuned for more freedom minute updates!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • porkchop _1975

    Ugh. This is really becoming exhausting. VENEZUELA is not going down the tubes because of socialism…how can you be so woke about the the US government and what their empire building around the globe is doing and not realize it’s happening to Venezuela too? Are we really not learning?? There’s only 1 ism that is allowed by the powers that be, unfettered, unregulated capitalism. If countries don’t want it, it will be forced upon them. This is so dangerous and lacking so much context, it’s painful.

  • Ed Ca

    This what F socialist F DAs want here in America the Evil Greedy F Crooks using DAs Brain Washed ppl to accomplish that that’s why you see False Flags all over AMERICA they want to take more of our Rights , Free Speech, and principally our Fire Arms ! But that will never happen for a long F time 😁😁😁😁

  • coolacadien

    They’re all dying not because of price of gas. Because they want the government to give them everything.
    Don’t tell me they can’t make a garden and grow food.

  • Richard Busby

    What the fuck is wrong with Bernie Sanders? You can have beneficial elements of socialism without the negative elements. We already have that, like public schools social security etc. Having free healthcare like every other fucking developed nation just makes sense.Don’t you live in Canada? Do you want to spend $10,000 to get a few stitches on a small cut? Capitalism fucked up our healthcare and higher education! Many Americans are too fucking stupid to realize our taxes pay for Isreal’s citizens to have free healthcare. Capitalist pigs profiting from peoples basic needs is disgusting. Capitalism = greed lets all stab our fellow citizens in the back to make a buck and externalize our costs back n to the people who’s tax dollars make our business possible like the billions in oil well cleanup our taxes will pay for after we subsidize these companies making billions per year.

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