Ontario Minimum Wage Hike Is Costing Us Money (Freedom Minute)

Josh Sigurdson does another quick freedom minute report!
The Ontario minimum wage hike is not turning out like so many utopians hoped for.
Prices for food purchased at the province’s eateries rose 1.9 per cent in January from a month earlier, Statistics Canada reported.

The minimum wage hike perfectly defines the Hegelian Dialectic of problem, reaction, solution, repeat. Alongside the out of control printing of fiat currency rising the inflation rate, raising the minimum wage simply uniforms value at a higher price. So basically, you can raise it 20 dollars on top of today’s minimum wage. You will simply make just as much value but with a higher number on your money.
This is difficult to explain to most, but what we are seeing is the propping up of major corporation by the hand of the state.
McDonalds can afford to pay a minimum wage, but small businesses for the most part cannot. They have to sacrifice production and capitalistic incentive to compete and innovate, etc.

Instead of looking to government to fix the problems of government, we as individuals should fix these problems by the hand of demand.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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  • Charles H

    Hiking minimum wages isn’t it’s all cracked up to be. So many businesses are failing and will fail when the minimum wage keeps increasing – they have no choice. You want higher hourly wages? Fine – now I have to cut your hours. Sad but it’s economics.

  • GospelFisherman

    I don’t eat out anymore and refuse to waste my money on pointless travel or shopping. Way to kill the economy. Good job !

  • Salvator Mundi

    If you arbitrarily make some ppl get paid more, the cost of your & my daily basics soon goes up. (such that every ones standard of living actually goes down)

  • The Mat Taos

    Ok kids, here’s what’s going on.
    The first seal is already opened.
    The second seal is opening soon.
    Then the tribulation will begin.
    The third seal will be opened thereafter. This raising of minimum wage plays in perfect with the third seal.

  • Cryptorose

    I stuggle with a service business and i hate having to raise prices but I have no choice. I fear that consumers will seek automated lower cost alternatives.

  • Ed Ca

    Add ever rising prices of Electricity, Water, cooking gas , rents ..that’s how Evil Greedy F Crooks keep the citizens Down ! …

  • theDodgyBeaver

    Seems to me, that if you raise the minimum wage the cost will simply be put into the product or service. Sure minimum wage earners will now have more money but the cost of many goods will have gone up (and we pay % in sales taxes) and so you might be ultimately have a zero sum gain. On the other hand guys like me who make a modest middle class income will experience a net loss because for us many basic services will now potentially cost more. More over, my plans at starting a small business……..

  • Tracy Hebert

    Just another money grab. Maybe JT should reconsider giving those who rape and kill our most vulnerable 4000. per month. Maybe he should subsidize minimum wage instead.

  • Peter Nachtwey

    This isn’t quite right. McDonald’s is a franchise company. The individual McDonald’s are mostly privately owned. The advantage that the McDonald’s franchises have is that the corporate will find a way to automate many position and make it cheaper for the franchisee that would an independent can do.

  • Paul N

    Costing them jobs as well. Did you see January’s job loss numbers? Pathetic. It targets the specific people it’s supposed to help too. Vote these morons out. A cat 🐈 would be a better premiere the Kathleen psycho Wynne

  • The Independent Canadian

    As someone who works full time for minimal wage, I intend on saving every extra penny I am now making and putting it towards gold/silver!👌🏻

  • AB_Bowhunter

    Exactly right. Its the small businesses that are most affected by this. We are feeling this in Alberta also, and the worst is yet to come.

  • xplass simpson

    Whe the minimum wage raises it just create inflation.
    The worker’s that get that rise don’t create more profit so the cost is being paid by their customers.

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