Tim Moen on BC Alberta Pipeline Controversy (NDP Party)

Josh Steffler and Brad Rhodes from Freedom Free For All interviews Libertarian Leader Tim Moen about the battle of Alberta NDP and BC NDP – will the pipeline go through or will government prevent progress?

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  • Abbittibbi

    Civil war between Alberta and BC, oh no, please, don’t tell me I’ll have to move again, 36 KM from the border(a line on a map in a book) in between. This area is CALLED THE PEACE RIVER VALLEY, what’s so hard to understand about PEACE.

    War has ALWAYS been between government, totaly is stupid, we should outlaw them and stop it right away. Half the population of my village is working mines north here, are from Alberta, is this an invasion? The People don’t declare wars, they never did.

    Why the two lunatics groups don’t get it? Oil is a lie, it’s been on for almost(not to say well over!) 100 years. We don’t need oil, except that we live in a immense lie, based on oil and fake worthless petro-dollars from the private fascist corporation of the united states of america.

    Who killed the electric car again? And can anyone tell where is Dean Clifford?

    How can we sleep while the beds are burning?

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