De-Occulting the Council on Foreign Relations

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  • Rod Knocker

    Researching what u don’t see has its place to get out of a thing called
    matrix. It’s more of a personal thing one does when they mature from a
    current dilemma. Seek & ye shall find….

  • Crystal Glass

    Can anyone explain to me why these secret society have to allow some of
    their secrets to be exposed in plain sight before their agenda can be
    carried out

  • Davide tobecomewhole

    every town square will have a round about or a circle … Squaring the
    circle are tongue is a double edge sword = words that create our world the
    only difference is the the el (l) spirit in side be
    present =serpent = NAGA she is this world all of them Nonagon = 9 sides not
    surprised the code is in the language

  • Andrew Maysonet (Mutt K9)

    I’ll watch EVERYTHING U put out man. Can’t get enough and have been
    applying E.G. since U’r 1st video. Love U brother. Waiting daily 4 more.

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