Why Obama Should and May Free Whistleblower Chelsea Manning

Today we are learning that according to DOJ officials Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is on Obama’s ‘Short List’ for Clemency. This is huge news and with enough public pressure from the people could possibly happen. In this video we go over the case of Chelsea Manning and give you important details about his current state. For more news like this support us on http://patreon.com/wearechange

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  • 7deep Riders

    he …..because he’s a dude,should be shoot for. being a faggot…..period

  • Hydden N. Plainsyght

    There is no ‘Race’ related social issue; it is a ‘cop out’ for blacks to
    use. Black today have as much the same rights, if not MORE, than most white
    males in the work force. HOWEVER, the only thing keeping many blacks from
    the workforce is their ATTITUDES of unwarranted Entitlements. The other
    factor that keeps blacks down is their failure to dismiss THUG behavior;
    worse, when black communities riot over Thugs live’s lost to criminal
    actions ending in police shootings… failing to respect the law.

    Today (01/11/17), a report came out of cops biggest complaint and concern;
    that cop’s lives are put on a backseat to illegally armed blacks they
    encounter… the real problem, when blacks shoot at cops and cops forced to
    resists defending themselves in armed confrontation. The real Race issue
    today in America is about Thug Blacks who disrespect law & order,
    disrespect women and whites… again, worse, when black communities enable
    black thug behavior; which is 29% higher per capita that it is with poor
    white behavior & crime. It Is Not A Race Issue — It Is A Black Behavioral

  • TheCivilAnarchist

    Those social justice warriors live on another planet what has race got to
    do with setting someone free from prison? lol

  • annihilating angel

    Massive respect to snowden for speaking out on Chelsea’s behalf. Will Obama
    sin laden do the right thing? Do pigs fly?

  • Clyde Martin

    Chelsea Manning in Jail for doing good (corrupt Govt ) and yet Hillary is
    walking around free? Where is justice? Keep speaking the truth and shining
    a light one political snakes!

  • Kraflyn

    Down with the largest tyranny on planet Earth – the U.S. inc. I don’t see
    Trump fit for doing it. No president is prolly. Prolly no power to do that
    in president’s hands too. U.S. inc. need new constitution. To stop this
    nonsense of the reign of the untouchable politicians and, more importantly,
    the reign of mobsters in “government”. Humans are prolly the only animals
    on this planet that can be manipulated mentally to accept something even a
    little child would fight against naturally and instinctively. Cheers.

  • Lty24 QC

    You’re awesome on your reporting-right to the point! Not like others go on
    and on forever just to tell a short story!! 👍🏻

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