“1111” Sort of Explained in 4 mins (Paradigm Shift)

Has the 1111 thing shifted your paradigm?! Comment below!
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  • Ashara Jade

    I get a lot of 3’s. My family and friends freak out about all the random
    #3’s that happen around me. I try not to hold any beliefs or expectations
    about it, so not to limit my experiences.

  • Richard Welsh

    time is a cosmic convenience… every moment of eternity actually exists as
    one, infinitely coinciding absolute moment. our consciousness of time is
    what allows us to weave a linear experience from the absolute. 1111 is a
    special member of numerology that is widely recognized. to the uninitiated,
    it is usually a moment to make a wish. the initiated are reminded that
    intention is the steering wheel, and to use it wisely…

  • Steelix32

    funny, I started my waking up journey in 2011. I am curious if anyone else
    had some very strange health issues around that time. I went to the ER
    because I was having intense chest pains and thought it was a heart attack
    (I now know it was my heart adjusting to the new energies), joint pains,
    high blood pressure, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. I had one moment when I
    was sitting in the break room at work and everyone was just jabbering away,
    complaining about Obama and congress and whatnot, and I just had a HUGE
    influx of energy, and I just couldn’t sit still. I had to get up and walk
    around the building about 8 or 9 times to burn off this energy.

    Been meaning to share this experience with people, and thought this was a
    good a place as any :)

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