Climate Change and The Authoritarian Society That Will Solve It?

The Climate Change issue is one of the most commonly deployed tag lines when it comes to global and even local change, as we all theoretically live in a climate right?
But what if these measures weren’t there to fight climate change, but to create a climate of fear preparing us for a new world order?
Prepare for truth and hilarity, it’s The Vinny Eastwood Show!

Articles Covered:

Political Roundup: 22 leading Commonwealth science bodies urge action on climate change

Future city glimpse: Radical anti-car Auckland apartment block

The other side of crime: There are wounds that never show – survivor


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  • tori scott

    Vinny! You are AWESOME, you bring out very necessary information and you make us laugh! Good mix!! Sorry on my darn android your volume is too low?!

  • arkangael101

    I heard on the radio they are advertising for smart meters to be the answer to environmental issues and a good way for customers to keep track of efficiency…what a fucking joke. WE KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO BE USED FOR.

  • 57unicorn

    Climate change is a hoax.
    This narrative just wants to take more tax payers dollars so they can chemtrail our skies…and poison us all…as thats whats happening now.
    Remember…Your government works for you…Its not the other way around….No matter how hard they push you to believe them and their nefarious agenda dressed up in a pretty lie…Do NOT believe them.
    If a thing is being done in secret…dingding…thats the alarm bell that something skulduggerous is afoot.
    Stop taking flu shots.
    Stop allowing big pharma government to poison your babies via vaccines.
    People have FREE WILL. Use it!!!!
    God defend New Zealand.

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