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  • marilyn2007hendrix

    Sending my love.
    I know you know about Dr Robert Morse. Please contact his clinic in Florida
    and they can help you all to detox, regenerate and heal. Raw vegan diet +
    Dr Morse herbal formulas and tinctures are the best!

  • You Are The Balance

    Awwww Wow, Awesome blessings going up for the betterment of your family,
    plus you.
    I’m Speaking it in to the NOW that your family is whole joyful and in the
    whole light and blessings of creation with all the peace joy and silences
    needed for full self recovery.

  • The Realest Idealist

    Much Love To You & Your ENTIRE Family! Such An Inspiration As A Melaninated
    King To Be So Dedicated To His Family! #InfiniteRespect

  • Ghostdini Stark

    You look really tired Lenon, I hope you all make a speedy recovery and that
    you can finally get a good nights sleep!

  • You Are Leaders

    A thing I do, is make a tea tree essential oil spritz. Using a bottle with
    a spray nozzle, I add water and 4 or 5 drops of the essential oil of tea
    tree, to the water. I then take that and spray around my sleeping and work
    area. I use it myself . Just spritz around the house like lysol. On the
    mousepads, doorknobs, telephone receivers, on my pillows, in the bathroom
    faucets etc.
    What this does is kill bacteria and viruses dead. So that the chance of
    cross contamination is stopped cold. Tea Tree Essential oil is very
    powerful killer of viruses and other bugs, and it’s completely natural.
    Smells like eucalyptus leaves. I spritz about two or three days when I hear
    sniffles and then no more sniffles.
    I bet if you and Ayida used this remedy around the time when you all start
    getting sick and on a regular basis, you wont get sick. It’s an old folk
    remedy that WORKS!

  • Lovely Rose

    Sound like the stomach flu….lotsa’ liquids!! Vitamin C in
    particularly. Stay in bed, no work for the mommy. You can do this. Never
    fear, the diarrhea is just that bacteria running out of the body. Sending,
    much, much, much love to your whole family….oh, the negative dude is a
    no-meaner…..everything WILL get better. Hang in there.

  • alijahgreen

    That’s crazy same thing is happening to me and my son…not as bad as your
    family but I wishing you a quick recovery

  • drunken69dragon

    Sounds like the bug, yall should be okay, just look forward to the one good
    thing about being sick…how good you feel when you get over it!

    Take care though. You’ve been an awesome role model in a time where they
    are few and far between.

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