President Trump – The Trap is Set

The Trump years are going to be crazier than you think.
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  • Mike Milligan

    Good perspective. I have believed this to be the situation since October.
    Except I believe that Donny was made president because they wanted him
    there. He is this years Lee Harvey Oswald, a patsy to take the blame for
    the assassination of the remnant of the old world order.

    The only question I have, is does he know?

  • Arod Fanatic

    Am I the only one who thinks this channel often times makes very solid
    points but undermines said point by its demagogic undertone i.e. Things
    like the fire in the background, etc?

  • Miguel de Deus

    Dude if you like geopolitics so much, play EU4 or Victoria 2. You keep
    making these predictions and they keep failing. Go grab an economics
    textbook and start reading rather than talking.

  • MrKurtn

    Stop blaming us and Trump for the protests and riots turning violent. Put
    accountability where it belongs, with the people doing the violence.

  • 2cthetruth

    I think you slowed down the audio just a tad and dropped the pitch just a
    tad so you would sound more manly. It didn’t work.

  • TacticalZebra

    interesting but you basically claim trump himself never intended to win and
    your evidence is a snide tone and a picture of him with
    wrestlers…’re leaving out the fact trump with intelligence agency
    people had to use threats of releasing the pedi satanic stuff in order to
    get hillary to call of the vote stealing. or rather people above her. thus
    he won. doesn’t sound like someone who intended to take a dive to
    me…..Ill wait and see on trump but a lot of evidence seems to point that
    he is actually legitimate. actually a real president.

  • Ray Dutton

    I have come to a conclusion after many decades of research. The reason the
    world is straining to simply live nowadays is the cost of the most
    expensive construction of the new age. CERN. Follow the money. They are
    pouring trillions into a 27 km ring in Europe. Why? The reason will shock
    you to the core. No one on YouTube will ever explain what’s going on.
    Including this idiot. Expounding on nothing.

  • Julian

    I feel like going against the pre-destination set up by the powers that be
    is a good thing. Even if it means having Trump as a president and a huge
    potential for backlash by the jilted elites. One way, or another, we were
    facing dark days.

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