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  • hal “huh” us

    we all live in a damaged and broken sick world. until all people wake up
    and realize they have been supporting a global system that wants to Destroy
    this world and until they all realize everyone should stop condoning all
    the violence, we will all live in a damaged and broken sick world.

  • Templetiger

    Go Vinny – We all need to wake up and really do some decent searching and
    sifting. People need to start bombarding those ‘reporters’ in the
    mainstream media egRNZ and let them know we all want more objective truth,
    facts and work for justice for those less fortunate than ourselves because
    in actual fact thats what the responsibility that their jobs require. The
    presstitute lamestream media neglect their duties and responsibility to the
    public. They dont cover power, they cover FOR power! Well done you. The
    experiences you speak of have contributed to a stronger more justice
    oriented you!

  • SuperArashi90

    Honesty is the hardest thing but now I see myself in you and you being
    slightly farther ahead than me, gives me hope.

    Thank you Vinny, know that I respect you and if you ever need to talk, your
    fans are here for you!

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