Free Speech Rally – Washington D.C.

Free Speech Rally – Washington D.C.

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Jason Kessler
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Richard Spencer
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Category: Red Ice Radio
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  • Erik Bergman

    Whites are the ONLY race on the planet that has to put up with “Diversity” and its “blessings” i.e. ethnic, racial and national genocide, crime-rate, rape, murder, economic disaster etc.

    No other race on the planet would put up with this “diversity” nonesense,

    Other races don’t give a damn about the word “racists” – any race on the planet would cut you to pieces if you try to promote their genocide under the guise of “anti-racism”…

    Anti-Racism is just a code word for Anti-White.

    America & Europe will not be great again UNTIL they are White again!

  • Erik Bergman

    We Europeans have adopted – thanks to the Jews – a mental illness called
    “liberalism and equality” which BTW have nothing to do with the
    realities of the world and Nature.Therefore we are going to pay the price for our stupidity and for being too naive.

    We are more concerned of being called “racists” than securing and protecting our children’s future, biological existence and well being. We’ve become traitors to our own race and we should be ashamed of ourselves. No one in the world takes us seriously. Every non-white country on earth loughs at us and our stupidity. They can’t believe what
    we have become : From the most advanced race on the planet that essentially built the modern world – a race of pioneers and the rulers of the world to a race of stupid, spineless cowards who allow the destruction of our biological expression on earth – our own children – and the theft of our own homelands.

    What’s more funny is that they can’t believe that we are willing to sell out our children to the wolves only to not be called “racists”…..No other race on earth – except us Whites – is stupid enough to allow their own destruction out of fear of being called “racists” (which is nothing more than a psychological warfare technique designed to brainwash us to
    except our demise and work against our natural and healthy self preservation instincts – which BTW “Self Preservation” is the first law of nature. Organism that won’t fight for its survival doesn’t deserve to live – simple as that. God gave you the right to live provided that you uphold that right and don’t give it away.

    We’ve reached a point when we say

    “You can come and invade our countries, you can come and displace our race, you can come and rape our women, you can commit crime against us and murder our little children BUT PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T CALL US RACISTS” 🙂

    About 99.9% of all cross-racial rape is non-white against white and only 0.01% is white against Whites, (30,000 White Women raped by Blacks in America according to FBI’s report the “color of crime”).

     It just shows how sick we’ve become – totally poisoned by the Jew and the White traitors.

    Our ancient ancestors would’ve broken the skulls of this third world invaders and feed them to the dogs in order to defend our Aryan women and our children and our very seed. Yet we allow them into our countries to destroy us like cancer from within – our ancestors would have been ashamed of us.

    But we will win in the end. There’s no way on earth that less evolved races from the third world – Muslims and Africans – are going to defeat us and take over our countries. It just isn’t going to happen once you understand racial differences in IQ and Talent….

    Even calling these third worlders “civilized” in the same manner as White Europeans is an insult to intelligence.

    I’m not sorry for not being politically correct. I’m just tired seeing
    Sweden destroyed…

  • Hulkersin

    As I write this while hearing Hispanic music down the street , in what used to be an all white neighborhood with no crime , I couldn’t agree more .  I think all non whites should be deported back into their own countries . We should redo what was done , with the immigration act of 1965 . These people don’t even bother to be American , nor do they embrace the values that this country was founded on . We need someone to deport all Jews , that are enacting this ridiculous policies .

  • ElRonDuR 1

    Mike Enochs speech was more powerful than a super-sayajin Level 4…And Richard is clohing like Miami Vice, very fashy goy 😉

  • Dr. Manhattan

    “It’s not unusual to get fucked by everyone. Its not unusual to be cucked by everyone. And when I see you hanging around with the Goyim, it’s not unusual to see me try… to get past media lies….”

  • henry gouge

    We were told by Hitler that his spirit would return. Enoch even scribed that his words would be unsealed in the last days. Amazing for us, but disappointing for the state of israel/jews.

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