Insane Global Conflicts, Unknown Projectiles, Shadow Funding, and Bernie Sanders

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you a weekly wrap up on the latest breaking news. We go over the Donald Trumps latest controversial comments, Bernie Sanders under FBI investigation, global events, more CIA WikiLeaks revelations and a lot more.

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  • Tobe Jonsson

    I get globalist technocracy Rothchilds Zionist neocon thing and despise it but I think the only solution is a single state Israel Palestinians non-israeli and Israeli will never mix it’s like gas and water and you can’t use either once you put them in the same container Jordan Lebanon Syria and Israel should all peel off a slice and give it to the Palestinians same with Iraq turkey and Syria and the Kurds how’s that for naive utopian ideology or is it more naive to think that we can overcome human nature and sing Kumbaya some more than others Maybe then again what about self determination

  • Dirty Plumbus

    Tbh i stopped getting on youtube watching the news or even looking at google news threads and what I’ve found out just now shows that keeping up with whats going on in the world now adays is just a time watse and everything is either over hyped or a black void of info that tou dont really need

  • Bill Grimsman

    Keep on keepin on Luke. Your clear lanuage and vetted solid info hurt to hear both because of the state of the world and because it is true.

  • Common 1

    tell me this why in hell are there still civilians in Syria, tell me. It’s a fucking war zone the whole country. Come on so you think you know but you know shit be careful or you’ll be put on the fake news list

  • Alex2614

    Stop saying WEEKY leaks! It’s WIKI leaks! I want to punch you repeatedly in the face each time you say it! Peace and love…..big fan.


    im starting to feel that all goverments are wolves and they just enjoy to divide and rule and most important selling weapones …isis is a hoax they created it to let kurds take over the oil fields ..kurds is a wild card sometime the are being supported by us and sometimes by russia i am starting to get head pain from politics .

  • Lisa Dawn Gover

    Golan heights has a great ski hill in case anybody cares. I hope one day I can ski down the mountain with rockets flying over my head for the most extreme skiing ever.

  • Peter Starzomczyk

    I hate how Israel keeps pushing the borders because they know if anything happens the US will come to their aid.

  • William Santiago

    Why would Israel help an Islamist group? They hate each other. They want to kill each other. Assad isn’t an Islamist. These puzzle pieces aren’t matching up.

  • Antzon 777

    israel claims retaliation due to projectiles falling on golan heights. who cares? the golan heights is sitll syrian land stolen by the bastard entity israel, a fake state created by the rothschilds.

  • Kevin Pines

    What’s the point of being informed or politically active… We can’t change ANYTHING! Trump was my last hope and that’s been shattered, now I realize a collapse is the only chance we’ll ever get at revolution.

  • David E. Burden

    Have you been paying attention to the Shanghai Corporation lately? They are well on their way to being a serious contender to NATO and Western Hegemony. Once all of the proposed members are joined, they will represent the largest faction in the entire world.
    I have no doubt that the war-hawks in the CIA, MI-5, Mosad, et al, are well aware of this, and realize they are in real jeopardy of no longer being the “Biggest and Baddest Kid on the Block” any longer.
    Would you care to prognosticate on how far they will be willing to go to maintain their hold on world domination? Do you think they would consider using nukes?
    Everyone should be aware by now, (everyone who is paying attention anyway), that NATO, (The US), is going to great lengths and measures to surround Russia, Iran, as well as many other potential countries they wish to overthrow.
    It looks to me as if they may be getting ready to take out as many members of the Shanghai Corporation as possible, before they can get their act together.
    Any opinions? Anyone?

  • LindaLee You123!

    Very sorry I donated 2 u, based on the Bernie smears. Rest of it was great, o yes tho, Bernie should not have campaigned for Clinton after getting progressive platform agendas like 15$ included. Sheeeeet y u beat up on him because he was cheated? ANYTHING else is pure speculation and a low smear.

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