Is WeAreChange Pro Trump or Anti Trump? Finally Answered

In this video we discuss the dichotomy on media coverage from the left and right in reguards to the Breaking News of Chelsea Manning early release. We finally answer the question and disclose where we stand in the political and media arena.

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  • Bob Burton

    Luke, you fought tooth and nail against 9/11. Republican crime. You then
    fought against Clinton and her Treason. Democrat crime. You don’t need to
    justify anything to anybody. You seek the truth and fight corruption
    wherever you see it. How a true journalist does. Respect to that.

  • Caleb Kirkland

    You guys are a good reliable organization that I relay on for truth. I
    appreciate that you have a mixture of people on both sides of the political
    spectrum who put TRUTH above POLITICS. With that being said, I can say I
    wouldn’t have expected any less from WAC however, I’m not gonna lie. I was
    hoping you would share how YOU personally feel about Trump. Do you think
    he’s for real or do you think he was selected rather then elected like
    presidency of the past and we’re all getting played? I myself, am very pro
    Trump and I think it’s important we form our own opinions from truth, but
    you’re the face of WAC and your personal opinion matters too.

  • Julie Anne

    I am not affiliated with any party I vote for who I think would be the best
    for the job, no way am I going to say I am one or the other

  • Makarand Dange

    Luke i always supported you because you are honest. And I never thought
    that you are pro somebody or anti someone. I certainly did not ask you this

  • BigSmartArmed

    Google just change the comment section format again… Really? They finally
    flipped the comment format upside down those damn satanists, now the text
    is above the names, what a bunch of fucking freaks.

  • Tony Walabiscuit

    maverick… you’re a knob.
    truth isn’t tribal. far as I’m concerned whether you’re a tranny or a black
    panther or a kkk maverick you’re all a bunch of tribal pussies. Chuck your
    verbal spears and treat trump the way ‘the other side’ treated their Lord
    and savior Obama… what a joke! do any of you realize 2/3 of this country
    are sick of this shit to the point they don’t vote. seriously… MY 2/3
    will destroy y’alls divided 1/3 ‘majority’ when you all finally overstep to
    the point we can’t ignore you anymore.

  • patrick4865

    Luke, just keep putting out the truth. Many people may not like it, but we
    need to know. I voted for Trump. If he folds on his positions, I’ll dump
    him in a heartbeat. After he is officially the president on Friday, we’ll
    soon be finding out, if he is like his predecessors. Big promises….But,
    all just talk.

  • Starwolf Champion

    I’m a Trump supporter but I still want someone in the inside to expose him
    for illegal shit that go against human right. I’m looking at you John

  • Horseshoe Lake Golf Course

    Luke: I’m looking forward to your truth telling to be the norm and not the
    exception. So I request you step it up and get some cool new graphic
    backgrounds or something catchy and start pumping out the professional
    video and set a new style and standard and blow away all the MSM and other
    alternative news dudes and dudettes If there was a time to bust out, I
    would say, now is the time. Be what you say we are. Wearrchange. Be the
    ball: be the change. Be the truth. You can do it. Go for it now. Set the
    new paradigm.

  • Pyramid Builder Jr.

    You say what you think is reality. I may like Trump, but he isn’t
    perfect so he’s going to make mistakes. If we never deal with reality and
    instead fantasize about Trump being a one-man-solution to all our problems,
    things will never get accomplished.

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