Lauren Southern Banned, Tommy Robinson Turns Bulldog & Islam Is Not A Race Sorry Not Sorry

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Free speech isn’t just in jeopardy…it’s on it’s deathbed! Independent journalist Lauren Southern was recently detain under section 7 of the terrorism act and refused entry into the UK for what they determined to be racist views. Meanwhile reporter Tommy Robinson was recently attacked by migrants and violent antifa thugs but they didn’t account for the fact that when you corner a bull dog in a threatening manner, he’s gonna bite back. And is being critical of Islam tantamount to racism? In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks all this down and more in another installment of What You Need To Know!

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  • Jennifer Shelley

    Islam is NOT a race. Judaism is NOT a race. Christianity is NOT a race. NO religion is a RACE nor an ETHNIC GROUP.

  • Snarkathon

    You clearly know nothing of Tommy Robinsons’ past, hes a violent shill for Israel.

    Race is a construct. Its not real but its good window for pointing out bigots & latent prejudice in people like yourself. Very disappointing – you can see *some propaganda, but for unknown reasons, you cant see it all. Strange.

  • TRichmond1964

    The high British authorities are NWO puppets! The British people have become milktoast slaves; they and their children will pay a heavy price for their cowardice!

  • 1BigCREE1Redtail

    Islamic extremism has its origins in Wahabbism. A cult of which true adherents of Islam are adverse to. They do NOT identify with it. Wahabbism is not representative in any way of Muhammed’s teachings. See videos on this from Islamic Scholars such as Sheikh Imram Hussein.

  • 1BigCREE1Redtail

    And just for the record, Tommy was well within his rights to punch that idiot immigrant for threatening his life. I commend him for it.

  • C K

    CANADA MAY ALREADY BE LOST! This really pisses me off.
    Canada was founded by about 10,000 immigrants from france and several hundered thousand brits.
    It was 74% brit and 24% french until 1971 when infamous Pierre turdoh declared canada multiculural not bi-cultural[against the consensus of the canadian people]
    Which opened the floodgates to 3rd world migration taking on average 300,000, black, asia, east indians and now muslims, for 30+yrs equals over 9MILLION nonwhite, non christian migrants plus their children born here.
    Now whites, french and english combines face minority status in their own lifetimes
    maybe do alot more videos on this!

  • Osumanjin

    i understand why Islam is at odds with liberalism but add odds with christian standarts morals and values ? We have honest discussions since 1440 years. please look at history.

  • SRM Solar radiation management Geoengineering

    Hate speech is “free speech” That pair of cunts deserve everything they get

  • SameBasicRiff

    damn, haven’t tuned into press for truth in some time, only sparingly. Maybe I missed something, you been working out dan? looking good! Would like to see a prescense for press for truth!

  • MCTanman1

    This kinda hints perhaps, that even someone like PFT,  is slowlyu becoming increasingly unreliable, along with southern. And… I doubt that was an actual social experiment. Sad to see bro. You used to be more intelligent Dandix.

  • Megan Rodgers

    And this Islamic barbarianism is coming to Canada sooner than we think, especially because of Jihadi Justin Trudope as the Prime Minister (he loves the insane 7th century ideology/cult of Islam).

    We must oust him from our government in Canada in 2019 Federal election, or we won’t recognize our beautiful Canada in 10 years.

  • C E W

    They kept Lauren out but they allow ISIS fighters in. . . WTH is going on in UK? I think it’s very obvious. Sharia Law is top dog there and the 6 people protesting against islam in UK didn’t get enough assistance or support from the sleeping British people.
    R.I.P. United Kingdom.

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